ORR — a helping hand to legals and illegals

 Your tax dollars:

ORR, short for Office of Refugee Resettlement, is located in the federal Health and Human Services Department and is the primary agency that hands out money for refugees through contracts and grants to the 10  major volags (voluntary non-governmental agencies) that run the resettlement programs for legal immigrants in your cities and town. 

Apparently ORR is also contracting to non-profit groups to run special schools for the children of illegal immigrants, as reported in this AP story yesterday:

Immigration reform advocates say foster programs encourage fraud


They [children in Brownsville Texas] are enrolled at International Educational Services — which is 1 of more than 30 nonprofit agencies under contract with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.

This ORR program is described here:   


It would be helpful to get a list of the 30 non-profit agencies running this federal program.

More on Iraqi Refugees to Detroit area

The Detroit News has an update today on the Iraqi Refugees coming to Warren, MI and the Detroit area soon,  “Area preps for Iraqi refugees”    

Go here to read the entire article:    http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070721/METRO/707210374

But, this caught my eye: 

The refugees’ arrival has been delayed this summer because of extensive security screenings.

The latest National Intelligence Estimate said that al-Qaida terrorists would likely try to use Iraqi refugees to infiltrate the United States to carry out acts of terrorism.

Anyone seen the whole report?   Can you help us find this reference in the National Intelligence Estimate released during the last week?

Federal officials have “interviewed more than 1,500 Iraqis in the region since March and have plans to interview 4,000 more by the end of September,” said Janelle Hironimus, a spokeswoman for the state department. “The United States government expects the pace of Iraqi refugee arrivals to increase significantly.”

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Saving the Iraqi Christians

I’ve just been away for 24 hours (went to Ft. Dix, NJ so look for a post on that soon), and things are boiling on the issue of Iraqi refugees. You should read Doug Bandow at Frontpage magazine yesterday on the subject: “The Death of Iraq’s Christians”

A representative at the US State Department told me this past week that all religions from Iraq would be included in the resettlement that begins soon. 

” Christian America may soon be the death of Iraqi Christians,” says Bandow.

I’ve noticed in conversation with individuals involved in refugee resettlement , the “church” contractors/subcontractors, that they are driven by some sort of notion of wanting to help Muslims settle here before showing concern for Christians persecuted around the world. This is not based on any set of data, just an observation. Its almost as if they are bending over backward to show Muslims just what nice people we are.   And, the individual who does this work wants to prove what a good person he or she is— open-minded and enlightened.

There are 25,000 refugees (from all over the world) still to come to the US by the end of this fiscal year, Sept 30th. And, I will guarantee you that the largest percentage will be Muslim.

From reading the debate going on regarding opening the gates to Iraqi refugees, the position of the administration is that the war isn’t over yet and by letting in a flood of immigrants, its a tacit admission that the Iraqi democracy experiment has failed.

The Iraqiis did get their democratically elected government and its a Sharia government (based on Islamic law) which will likely have no place for the Iraqi Christians.