Hold the enthusiasm for “John Doe”

Just in!    There are questions about the language in the “John Doe” amendment.   Those tricky legislators may have left wiggle room for eager beaver lawyers.  Will report when we know more.

The pollster Frank Luntz, on Laura Ingraham’s radio program today, reported that 52% of voters are extremely angry with Washington, gee I wonder why.

“John Doe” wins and so do you

     Free speech is alive and well!   We are happy to report that the so-called “John Doe” amendment has been included in the Homeland Security bill voted out of conference committee late last night.  See our previous post on this all important security issue.

     Once the bill is signed by the President you can, without fear of lawsuit, report suspicious behavior to the authorities.   This is another win in only a few weeks for the grassroots citizens of America.

  Remember:   See something, say something!

Way to go sister blog!

      Yesterday, the Washington Times published an op-ed by Frank Gaffney Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy  in Washington.  The piece entitled, “War of ideas’ homefront” raises the important issue we have been addressing here at RRW, and that is that there is not just a  military war on terror but the ideological war here at home.   Except for a few brave souls willing to speak out in alarm, we are bit by bit accomodating the demands of Islamic fundamentalists whose goal it is to someday see sharia law (Islamic law) replace our Constitution.

     One such demand is on display in New York City where  taxpayer funds will soon create within  the public school system a special Islamic school, or a madrassa as it is called.    The brave souls fighting this plan are a small band of parents and concerned citizens calling themselves Stop the Madrassa Coalition and their blog http://stopthemadrassa.wordpress.com     

       I’m proud to say that this blog is our sister blog at the Center for Vigilant Freedom where blogging is not just for educating, but more importantly for community organizing.  

       As the numbers of Muslim immigrants grow in the US, there will be increasing demands for special accomadations, in all of our towns and cities, for the strict requirements of the fundamentalist form of Islam.    Soon it will be Burlington, VT, Ft. Morgan, CO,  Warren, MI, or a city near you.

       See Mr. Gaffney’s commentary here:    http://www.washingtontimes.com/article/20070724/COMMENTARY03/107240008/1012


Will they continue to persecute each other here?

     Daily we hear of the Shiites persecuting (killing actually) the Sunnis and the Sunnis persecuting the Shiites in Iraq.   Today Jihad Watch (www.jihadwatch.org)  reported on a bombing of a children’s hospital in a Shiite area reportedly by Sunnis.  

    Part of the definition of refugee is someone who has a well-founded fear of persecution due to one’s religion.  So, if  Sunnis claim persecution by Shiites, and Shiite refugees claim persecution by Sunnis they both then have a claim to come to the US for resettlement.      

     Will their battle (over a thousand years old) follow them to the cities and towns of middle America?