The Love and Peace crowd scare Somalis at RNC rally

I must say that a post at a blog called “The Adventures of Johnny Northside” made me feel sorry for the Somalis.  These wacky Leftists obviously pressured this group of immigrants to march in protest of the Iraq war at the Republican National Convention last week.

If you have ever seen these nuts in person (not the Somalis) but the ‘moonbats’ you would know why these fundamentalist Muslims must have been freaked.  The blogger here thinks it’s about the police (maybe it is a little especially if not all the Somalis are legal), but the anti-war crowd is a conglomeration of really looney looking people.  I saw them twice in DC in the last couple of years when I was with the Gathering of Eagles.

The protesters cover their faces with masks (ghoulish ones with fangs and such), dress in garrish costumes, and if it’s warm enough are sometimes half naked.  They wear devil masks, and have horns and tails.  One guy had a pig’s corkscrew tail on his butt (wonder what the Muslims think about that since pigs rank right up there with dogs as dirty).  And they generally march to the beat of a 5 gallon plastic bucket on which they bang with a spoon. 

Anyway, here is Johnny’s description of the Somalis:

It seemed like several folks at the September 1 anti-war rally were looking for the Somali group, trying to find them, wondering where they were. The Somalis finally arrived, together, and it seemed like they made a point of staying together. Their faces had an uncertain, worried look, but…

…there they were. Funny how the sight of the Somalian flag doesn’t make certain folks all livid, unlike (oh, gee) the Mexican flag.

In the first moments after I saw the Somalis arrive, a guy walked up to this woman and casually gave her “know your rights” material, trying to speak loudly above the crowd noise, speaking MORE loudly because he thinks she will UNDERSTAND him better, and saying the material is, “In CASE you are DETAINED by the POLICE.”

“Detained? Police?” she asked, in a thick accent, face full of worry.

There is more here.   It apparently didn’t matter that the Somalis were uncomfortable, the moonbats needed them for the anti-war march—afterall they are Muslim status symbols for the the peace and love crowd.  Real sensitive aren’t they?

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