My blogging pitch again! We need more focused blogs!

Every so often, and as our readership increases (dramatically by the way in the last month), I make a pitch for more people to get into blogging.   I am not talking about one more gadfly blog where you write about what is going on in the news across a wide spectrum of issues, give your opinion and people come and yak and yak about the deeper meaning.  

We need blogs that will examine in detail a particular subject area and provide people with hard facts and information that they can then use—especially now that the mainstream media seems to have completely abandoned any concept of investigative journalism if it doesn’t fit their political world view.  

We, at RRW, aren’t perfect (I admit, it is fun to yak) and are hardly experts, but we have been trying to provide useful information on the subject of Refugee Resettlement and we hope we are succeeding.  

To make my point, nothing makes me angrier than to see bright people wasting what must be hours hashing around some fine point about who is “racist” and who isn’t.   Makes me want to shout—GET TO WORK!

Yes, please please get to work and help research needed areas in this war to save our country.  Pick a topic that interests you and begin to be an expert— likely you will, in short order, be THE expert and your brain power won’t have been wasted yakking and playing a game of one-upsmanship with other commenters all trying to say the most clever and insightful things.

And, take it from me, you don’t need to be some sort of computer techy genius to get the words on the screen.  Don’t be deterred by insecurity and talk yourself out of doing it by saying—oh, I couldn’t make a blog look nice.   The important thing is to get the information out to the world, not how fancy the site is!

P.S.  If you feel you aren’t that out-front sort of person, then become a behind-the-scenes helper to another blog you support and help provide needed research, but get to work!

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