More on Somali community organizing and demonstrating at the RNC convention

I told you the other day that Somalis came to demonstrate at the RNC Convention in Minnesota recently (I now take back my expression of sympathy toward the Somalis in that post).  Here is another article about how they got organized for that demonstration and then how they are influencing the elections in Minnesota.

Before you read the article I’ve linked here,  be sure to read the post yesterday from Avi about the stealth jihad in Minnesota.

This is the last paragraph of the Mshale article:

The protest and the call to Minnesotan legislators to engage in Somali domestic and international affairs could not have come at a better time. Political candidates such as Senator Norm Coleman, Representative Keith Ellison, and others are seeking the votes of the Somali community here in Minnesota. Somalis are credited in electing to the U.S. Congress the first Muslim American, Rep. Ellison of Minnesota. Additionally, Somalis in Minnesota were the first to question and challenge their government, the U.S. government, about its involvement in their native country by organizing huge demonstrations and forums last winter.

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