Unbelievable! Obama friends have stolen my e.mail, say I support them!

Update Feb. 3rd:    I got an e-mail yesterday from this cheating union, SEIU, telling me they are taking my signature to Capital Hill this week to show Congress how many millions were supporting the Employee Free Choice Act (which I never ever supported).   Read below to learn how they got my signature.   But, after all the tax cheats Obama has surrounded himself with what could I expect of the Obama grassroots other than more cheating!


I am in complete and total shock.  Do you remember a while back that I told you about a petition that Citizen Warrior posted on a site called Care2.   The petition’s purpose was to demand a halt to all Muslim immigration to the US.  I did point out at the time that it was a FAR LEFT site and that I immediately received an ad from SEIU (that is the Service Employees International Union that helps organize Somali workers in the US among other things and is deeply involved in the Blago mess in Chicago).

Well, I didn’t mind getting some very leftwing cause appeals because I like seeing what they are doing.  One recently savaged Sarah Palin on the wolf hunt issue in Alaska, but this in incredible!

The SEIU has essentially stolen my identity and e.mail address and says I signed a petition supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.  So, this is how they do it, how they generate numbers!  You sign a petition for anything at Care 2 and you are automatically supportive of all the looney causes on the site!

Here is what I just received:

Dear Ann,

You recently signed a petition on Care2.com supporting the Employee Free Choice Act – thank for you joining our important campaign to bring Change that Works to America’s working families.  Below is an important message about our campaign.

I did not sign any petition but the one about Muslim immigration!

They go on to ask me to oppose the bailout of Bank of America.  Loved to hear that because it means the Left is getting organized against the bailout (or at least this one) because they see it as bailing out fat cats.

But, can you believe the nerve of SEIU using my name and e-mail and saying I supported something I would never support—The Employee Free Choice Act!

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised afterall I’ve been reading Saul Alinsky and these socialists have no moral core—-the ends always justify the means for them!

I’m curious to know if others of you got this appeal from SEIU!

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