“Cash is flowing into Hamas coffers”

Rachel Ehrenfeld, expert on terrorist finance and director of the American Center for Democracy, reports in Forbes:

Amid international condemnation of Israel, one would never guess that humanitarian aid and even cash is flowing into Hamas coffers, while its rockets continue to hit Israel.

Aid is given ostensibly for humanitarian reasons — you know, those destitute Gazans you see in pictures. But for years, the rulers have benefited from the billions given and the poor have continued to suffer. That’s what happened with Yasser Arafat and the PLO and that’s what’s happening with Hamas.

The $7 billion to $10 billion that the Palestinian Authority has received since 1993 has come from the European Union, the U.N., the U.S., Saudi Arabia and other Arab League countries. France alone has sent more than $3 billion. This influx of cash has done little to advance the development of a viable Palestinian state or of peace in the region. Rather, it has helped to fuel the Palestinian leadership’s terrorist agenda, and kept the Palestinian people oppressed and disenfranchised.

In the mid-1990s–shortly after the Palestinian Authority came into existence–the Palestinian writer Fawaz Turki described the regime as “the dissolution of civilized society, of all civil norms and all hope.” Despite all of this, most international organizations and the world community at large continue to ignore the ongoing human and civil rights violations perpetrated against the Palestinians by their own leadership, including the destruction of Gaza and the death of hundreds of its citizens.

Here are some of the ways eager donor nations have been spending their citizens’ money lately:

In a meeting hosted by Abu Dhabi on Jan. 12, representatives from the Palestinian Authority and several donor countries, including Egypt, Britain and the U.S., met to discuss efforts to raise and send undisclosed amounts of money to help Palestinians in Gaza. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also pledged to rebuild schools, mosques, hospitals and 1,300 damaged Gaza houses. In addition, the Emirates raised more than $87 million in a nationwide telethon on Jan. 9.

And there’s more.

Supplies and cash for Hamas have been pledged from all over the world, not merely from Iran, On Jan. 3, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz donated $8 million of the more than $26.7 million raised in a national fundraising telethon for the “Relief of the Palestinian People in Gaza.” Qatar, which pledged $50 million when Hamas was elected in 2006, promised to send more.

Wait, there’s more.

While condemning Israel, the European Union pledged more than $4 million in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza. In 2008, it provided Gaza with $55.6 million. In addition, European Union member states pledged more than $41 million, including $10.5 million from the British government’s Department for International Development. Japan pledged $10 million, and terror-struck India said it would send $1 million. Norway has announced a pledge of about $4.5 million, while Australia is adding $3.5 million in addition to the $32 million it gave in 2008. Additionally, other countries sent tons of medical and humanitarian supplies. This more than meets the UNRWA emergency appeal for $34 million.

And more! For convoluted and misbegotten reasons, Israel has been shoveling tens of millions of dollars into Gaza since Hamas took over there (violently) in mid-2007. And read this carefully; it’s unbelievable:

In December 2008, under U.S. and international pressure, Israel delivered between $64 million and $77 million in cash to Gaza. When Hamas rocket attacks intensified, Israeli banks started refusing to transfer cash to Gaza. World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and Tony Blair, who is now Mideast envoy for the E.U., Russia, the U.N. and the U.S., sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert complaining that such refusals are “counterproductive and ultimately harm Palestinian moderates.” Clearly, the world community is set on seeing the terrorist group Hamas as legitimate. But demanding that Israel pay its own executioners goes way too far.

A note on Rachel Ehrenfeld, off the subject but very important:  She was sued in Britain under their chilling libel laws for her book, Funding Evil, How Terrorism is Financed and How To Stop It, by a Saudi billionaire financier mentioned in the book. In order that she could fight the case in New York instead of in Britain, the New York State legislature passed a law last year, “The Libel Terrorism Protection Act,”  popularly known as Rachel’s law.  The story is here and here. It was a wonderful blow for free speech. A similar bill is being introduced in Congress by a bipartisan group of legislators to extend the same protection nationwide.

Al Shabaab threatened to disrupt Obama inauguration today

Update Feb. 28th:   AP has more details on what went down on inauguration weekend.

Update Jan. 21st:   PI Bill Warner has more on this story and directs us to al Shabaab’s recruitment website in Vancouver, WA.

Update:   Washington Post has this story too with a bit more detail, but the Post reporter does not have the most up-to-date information on al Shabaab’s activities in the US as the LA Times reported a couple of days ago.  Reuter’s version is here.


The following is the subheading of the article from Fox News today (Hat tip: Blulitespecial):

Law enforcement and intelligence officials received information that a Somalia-based Islamic terror group, al-Shabaab, might try to travel to the U.S. with plans to disrupt the inauguration.

Hint to Homeland Security:  They do not have to travel to the US, they are already here!    Maybe you law enforcement guys aren’t following RRW daily, but gee, don’t you even read the Los Angeles Times!   Read our post  of two days ago and you will know that al-Shabaab is recruiting at mosques in the US.

And one wonders if the Fox reporter did any googling before writing!

More from the Fox story:

WASHINGTON — Authorities monitored a rush of intelligence leads Tuesday at the largest security operation in presidential inauguration history, including a possible threat from an East Africa radical Islamic terrorist group.

Law enforcement and intelligence officials received information that people associated with a Somalia-based group, al-Shabaab, might try to travel to the U.S. with plans to disrupt the inauguration, according to a joint FBI/Homeland Security bulletin issued Monday night. The information had limited specificity and uncertain credibility, said Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke.

Then this is really ticking me off!  (BOLDING, Italics, capitalizing and underlining means really ticked off.) 

Officials told FOX News that they are actively exploring whether a link exists with two Americans of Somali descent recently identified as suicide bombers in Somalia.

EXPLORING!  EXPLORING!   The FBI has already identified and buried America’s first suicide bomber—Shirwa Ahmed—al Shabaab American citizen.  What aren’t you law enforcement people talking to each other again?  I thought putting you all under the same head man (now head woman) was supposed to solve that problem.    Or are you possibly soft peddling this story so as not to scare the party goers?

And, by the way, al Shabaab is the same as Al Qaeda—they both want a worldwide Islamic caliphate governed by Sharia Law.   They just keep making up new names to throw us off track, and we keep falling for it!

BUT WAIT!  Why would they attack us now?   Isn’t Obama here to save the day?  Won’t the lion soon lay down with the lamb?

Note to new readers:  The US State Department with the help of 10 non-government contractors including Catholic Charities, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Church World Service have resettled over 80,000 Somalis in the US in the last 25 years.

Reluctantly a Rohingya update

Update Jan. 21st:   UNHCR wants access to any Rohingya thought to be in the custody of the Thai government.

And this:   Dhimmi Thai professor says that  just because the Rohingya are Muslim it doesn’t mean they were trying to join Muslim insurgents in the southern provinces of Thailand.  They have different causes he says!  Oh really!


I feel like I need to update readers on the developing story from Thailand about the Rohingya Muslim illegal aliens and their alleged mistreatment by the Thai military, but there are so many increasingly sensationalized stories I can’t sort them out.

More importantly, I see the ultimate conclusion to this media frenzy will be that we and other western countries get guilt-tripped into resettling Rohingya refugees to your town.

Here is one story, entitled ‘So thirsty, they lick water off rescue ship’s deck,’ I’ll let you read it yourself.   One story says the men (they are all men so don’t be fooled by the news accounts of boat people implying women and children) lived two weeks with no water, another implies some lived 28 days at sea with no water.

Most medical experts say you can’t live for more than 3 days without water, but when they killed Terry Schiavo by withdrawing food and water, it took her 13 days to die.   So, I suppose the two weeks with no water is possible, but I have my doubts.

Bottomline, I can’t sort out the fact from fiction in the daily dozen or so news accounts of the growing public relations battle between human rights groups and the Thai government.

See Rohingya Reports for all the previous stories I’ve posted on the subject.

Comments worth noting: we kill fornicators

We’re starting a new category this morning and wish I had thought of this sooner.  We get some incredible comments from time to time that are mostly sent to old stories so that you, the reader, probably never see them.    We will henceforth bring some of the best to your attention.

This one was posted last night to the horrible story of the Somali teenage refugee girl stoned to death for supposedly committing adultery.

From ‘Moody’ of the Religion of Peace to us:


Yup, I agree, short and clear.

Take note Leftists:    They don’t have any problems with teenage premarital sex under Sharia Law.  Not too squeamish over the death penalty generally I would say.