Britain: White backlash building against immigrants

Update:  Just got a link for the horrific London Muslim riots today, at Atlas Shrugs of course!

Directly on the heels of my prescient  post  yesterday about the political right gaining traction in Europe, comes a report from the Mail that says white working class Britons have had it!   Unable to find low-income housing due to the large number of migrants in the UK, the rightwing British National Party is set to gain converts and power.  Hat tip:  Blulitespecial.

The statistics are stark. One in 12 council homes (low income housing) in England are now lived in by migrants, while the list of people waiting for social housing has doubled during Labour’s time in power to 1.7million.

Last week, a government report from the Whitehall department of Communities Minister Hazel Blears warned that the crisis has resulted in a surge of popularity for extremist groups, including the British National Party.

Betrayed and Abandoned!

After interviewing 43 British families in Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Liverpool’s Runcorn and Thetford in Norfolk, the report concluded that the white working class think they have been ‘betrayed’ and ‘abandoned’ by mainstream politicians who make them ‘come second’ to immigrants on the housing ladder.

The report provoked an instant response from a seemingly repentant Ms Blears herself. She admitted that white working-class people ‘sometimes just don’t feel anyone is listening or speaking up for them’, adding that they should be allowed to voice their worries ‘without fear of being branded racist.’

According to this article, leftwing policies that placed the homeless with large families (ie. immigrants) ahead of native born British citizens is responsible for the backlash.

In the furore that followed, Frank Field, Labour MP for Liverpool’s Birkenhead and joint chairman of the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration, agreed that the Government was riding roughshod over the working class at its peril.

He predicted that Labour policies on housing would turn local people to Far Right parties in the next general election, echoing a dire warning he gave last year.

‘Slowly, but determinedly, the white English working class – and I guess, some black Britons, too – are voting against unlimited immigration by embracing the BNP,’ he said back then.

I’ll now refer you to my previous post today about NumbersUSA backing American workers first!   Obama beware, it will be the same story in the US sooner than later.

By the way,  I just heard on Fox News that  another pro-Islam/anti-Jew demonstration occurred in London today.  When I get a link I’ll post it here.  Bet it went over really big with the BNP crowd.

Pro-amnesty advocates tell Obama legalizing workers helps the economy!

Huh!   Does that make sense to anyone reading this?  Record numbers of AMERICANS are out of work and the open borders crowd wants immigration reform now so that illegal aliens are in a better position to keep their jobs. 

From the Los Angeles Times:

Religious and labor leaders called upon Congress and President-elect Obama to pass a comprehensive immigration package this year and said that the U.S. economy could not be restored without legalizing the nation’s undocumented immigrants.

“Immigration reform is a necessity in order to fix the American economy,” John Wilhelm, president of Unite Here’s hospitality-industry division, said Thursday during a national teleconference call on immigration reform. The New York-based group represents more than 450,000 workers around the U.S.

Wilhelm said immigration legislation would help the recovery by eliminating exploitation, increasing wages and tax compliance and placing all workers on a level playing field.

You know what really steams me!   All this Leftist love and compassion for immigrants when you know they have disdain for the blue collar worker who perhaps lives in Appalachia (or PA!), whose home might be a mobil home, goes to church, hunts on  the first day of deer season, is patriotic, and is proud when his kid joins the military.   Why don’t these folks deserve the same respect and love showered on the illegal who has broken the law to get into the US?

Numbers USA defends the American worker and is calling for a halt to legal immigration as well!

But anti-illegal immigration advocates urged the U.S. government this week to curtail legal immigration in response to the economic crisis.

“With the federal government reporting continuing giant losses of jobs, it is time to slow the massive importation of workers,” Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, wrote in a letter this week to Obama. “How can it make any sense for the American people’s own government to be approving more competitors for a dwindling number of jobs?”

Get involved with the NumbersUSA campaign here.

See the Numbers film we have permanently linked at the top of RRW, here.

So-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform (S-9) introduced in the Senate, for more go here.    This is an open borders website, but it’s good for us to see what they are saying.

Hamas and the children

Here’s a horrifying YouTube video showing how Hamas treats its children. A baby is dressed up like a suicide bomber. Little tots with hoods over their faces are wearing play suicide belts. Elementary-school-age boys are marching around in uniforms, hooded, with guns and flags, in a classroom, or maybe it’s a party or a performance. Then they do a little drill to commands. There’s scene after scene of this kind of thing.

The commentary asks, Where is the UN? Nowhere to be seen.

A little boy is asked, “Do you want to be a martyr ?” “Yes.” “Why do you want to?” “To kill the Jews.”

Then there is footage of Hamas using children as human shields. Hamas gunmen shoot from behind groups of children. Rockets are shot off from places packed with children, such as school playgrounds during school hours.

When I was in Israel I saw a day care center with bullet holes in it. Palestinian snipers (at that time the PLO) had been shooting at it from across a valley in the West Bank. By the time I saw it Israel had built a wall at that spot.

The video asks, “How will these children live in peace when they grow up if they are constantly brainwashed by Hamas and incited to hate and kill?” And I ask, how can they grow up to be anything but professional refugees and terrorists when that is all they are trained to do? The Arab countries are not supporting Hamas in this war. And they will do anything to make sure none of these people end up in their countries. Refugees forever: that’s the fate Hamas and the UN have prepared for them.

Hat tip: Janet.

UN Security Council briefed on worldwide refugee problems

Yesterday, UN High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) Antonio Guterres briefed the UN Security Council on refugees and displaced persons worldwide.    He said the number is growing (is it ever not growing?) due to conflicts, climate change(?) and economic recession.

The number of refugees worldwide had increased to more than 11 million over the last two years, and the number of people displaced internally as a result of conflict to some 22 million, António Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, said in a briefing to the Security Council today.

He said the increase in the number of refugees under the mandate of his Office -– not including the 4.6 million Palestinian refugees under the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) -– had increased primarily due to the situations in Iraq and Somalia. Other sources of the growing number of refugees included Afghanistan, Sudan, Chad, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Other causes of displacement besides conflict included climate change induced natural disaster, drought, rising sea levels and the current global economic recession, he said. “Conflict, climate change and extreme deprivation will interrelate, strengthening each other as causes of displacement.” As there was no legal framework addressing the situation of people displaced internally by persecution or armed conflict, there was a need to discuss seriously the new forms of forced displacement, emerging protection gaps and possible forms of collective response.

The report on the briefing is a long one, but quite informative.  Here are a few excerpts I found interesting.

The representative of the UK, Karen Pierce, told the gathering that the UK supported UNRWA (see Judy’s post on UNRWA and Hamas, then read on).

Karen Pierce (UK), echoing the High Commissioner’s admiration for UNRWA’s workers in the Gaza Strip, called for immediate humanitarian access in light of the immense suffering caused by the escalation of violence in Gaza and southern Israel. The United Kingdom called for an immediate ceasefire and condemned acts of terror and violence against civilians.

The Russian representative basically said that internally displaced people are the sovereign nations problem (so stay out of Russia):

Underlining the necessity of drawing a distinction between UNHCR providing assistance to refugees and to internally displaced persons, he noted that, for the latter group, interventions were only allowed if the relevant country had made a request in advance. Providing assistance to internally displaced persons was primarily the responsibility of the country concerned.

The Chinese representative mentioned “environmental degradation” as a contributing factor in creating refugees and internally displaced people.  China has such a fabulous environomental record (not!) that you wonder why someone representing China should even mention environmental degradation, but the UN is a place for talkers.

Indeed, conflict, political turmoil, economic stagnation, poverty and backwardness were the main causes that made the refugee problem intractable, in addition to environmental degradation and security challenges, which also exacerbated displacement.

The Libyan representative weighed in on Gaza (of course!) likening the Israelis to Nazis:

He went on to recount the disturbing events in Gaza, where the civilian Palestinian population was being displaced due to collective punishment with Nazi-like overtones. The people of Gaza could not flee and had no option but death. The Security Council remained silent while those preventing it from shouldering its responsibilities were evincing tacit approval of Israel’s operations.

Mr. Guterres wrapped up with his praise for UNWRA:

Expressing appreciation for the statements by the representative of the United Kingdom and others who had expressed concern about the situation in Gaza, he said he hoped the situation of displacement could be addressed in a concrete and comprehensive manner as soon as possible. UNRWA was doing laudable work under extremely difficult circumstances in and around Gaza. UNHCR’s main concern, from the perspective of its mandate, was that the enclave’s population could not flee, which made the humanitarian imperative that much more pressing.

But, Mr. Guterres they could be resettled to Muslim countries, could they not!