Beware we are coming! Al Shabab spells out its plan for worldwide caliphate

From Memri (hat tip:  Atlas Shrugs):

“Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, and from Japan to Russia. Beware, we are coming.”

Regular readers will remember that Al Shabab is the Islamist group thought to be recruiting in the US and responsible for luring Somali refugees from their American homes and mosques to terrorist training in Somalia—-you know those young fellows we gave an opportunity to make better lives for themselves.  The bright young men that we now fear might be coming back!

Other choice morsels from Memri ( TV reports on the Somali terror organization Shabab Al-Mujahideen, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV and Al-ArabiyaTV in November and December 2008 ):

“One of the main principles of the Shabab Al-Mujahideen is to view all Muslims as Somalis, and so, many foreign fighters have joined their ranks.”  


“We are a people chosen by Allah to spread the Islamic shari’a throughout Somalia.”  


“… while the name of the Prophet Muhammad is being dragged down, and the face of the [Islamic] nation is being dragged down, and the face of Islam is being dragged down, and so on. But me, I’ll tell you one thing. I’ll put a bullet in the head of the infidels, and I’m ready to do it. Allah willing, the ‘saved sect’ will lie in wait for each and every dog the infidels bring, and the infidels who bring cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. We will put bullets in their heads. Allah willing, we will bomb ourselves. Each and every place you find them. Allah Akbar.”  


“Shabab Al-Mujahideen is an Islamist-Salafi movement that wants to implement shari’a completely – every single element of it. That’s what the movement stands for.”


“Our objectives, by the grace of God, are to see the return of the Islamic Caliphate, the last of which was the Ottoman empire that collapsed in the 1920s. We want to bring that system back and govern the world with God’s law.

I’m taking them at their word—they want to throw the West into hell.  That’s why I said here, Obama and Hillary can go to Somalia to reason with the heathens, but let’s keep all of our military men and women out of there.   And, let’s just make very sure they don’t come here!

Postscript:  Al Shabab is also responsible for the barbaric stoning of a young girl a few months ago.

The Gaza war: a refugee issue

I’ve been posting a lot on Gaza and the war, and in case it’s not clear why Refugee Resettlement Watch is devoting so much space to a foreign war, I’ll explain.

What is happening now in Gaza is wholly the result of a misbegotten refugee policy. After World War II, and with the founding of the United Nations, there was a big emphasis on ending colonialism. Europeans had been made to feel guilty for their countries’ colonializing much of the third world, and country after country was given its independence. The leaders of these countries know how to play on white guilt, and played their hands for all they were worth.

There was some guilt left over for the Jews, six million of whom had died in the holocaust, and many of whom had settled in Palestine, which is what Israel was called before its founding as a modern nation. So Europe and the U.S. allowed the Jews their own country, carved out of land that had belonged to Britain. (There’s a whole history there that I won’t go into.) (My friends, Ron and Allis Radosh, have a book coming out soon about Truman and the Founding of Israel; when I have a link I’ll put it in RRW.)

The Arab governments declared war on Israel. They told Arabs living inside Israel to leave, and when they had defeated Israel they could return. But of course Israel won. The people who left became refugees.

At the same time, the Arab countries forced the Jews living in them to leave. These Jews also became refugees. (Here are our posts on these Jewish refugees.)  And here is the lesson. Almost all these Jews were absorbed by Israel, at great cost. The remainder went to other countries. Jews around the world helped financially. There are no Jewish refugees today.

The Arab refugees, on the other hand, were put in camps. No Arab country offered to resettle them. Further, I believe as a result of white guilt, the UN was convinced by the Arab governments to create a special agency just for them, the UNRWA. Its policy, as we’ve explained many times, was and is to keep the refugees in their homeless status, ostensibly because they were soon going to return to Israel (just as soon as the Arab states destroyed the new country).

After World War II there were massive population shifts. For just one example, Konigsberg, a German city on the Baltic Sea, became Russian and was renamed Kaliningrad. Its entire German population was kicked out and relocated to Germany. There were many, many other such population removals and exchanges, mostly based on the fact that Germany had lost the war. There had been such things after World War I also. So it was not a new idea for populations to move based on post-war facts. And as the Arabs had been allies of Germany, they could be said to have been on the losing side, though that was not the basis for Israel’s founding. If the Arab refugees had been treated like all other refugees, they would have been resettled in Arab countries, and that would have been the end of it.

But Israel did not kick out the Arabs. Those who remained have prospered. About 20 percent of Israel’s population is Arab Muslim. During peace talks they have been eager to remain a part of Israel and not forced to become part of a Palestinian state — even going so far as to present a petition to that effect.

The Arab refugees were a prime target to become radicalized, and the Soviet Union took advantage of the situation to create the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the PLO. It created the concept of “Palestinian,” which was something new under the sun as applied to an Arab people. It taught the Arabs its propaganda techniques. And lo and behold, the “Palestinians” became the world’s favorite oppressed people, so successful that today many otherwise civilized nations act as if Israel has no right to exist.

That’s a very abbreviated history, and here’s the point: By allowing the United Nations to create a mistaken policy on refugees, the western nations created a monster. There is no solution in sight. John Derbyshire at National Review explained why back in 2002, and recently revived the article because nothing has changed. The series of wars against Israel, the intifadas, the ongoing terrorism, the miserable conditions of the “Palestinians,” the excuses provided Islamic radicals to hate the west — all of these are a direct result of the UN’s foolish refugee policy.

We need to think of this when we look at our own country’s refugee policies. (The same thing applies to immigration policy, of course.) What looks like a small thing now can metastisize into a monstrous thing that can shatter communities, import people who wish to destroy us, create unassimilated enclaves of people, and change the very character of America.  I have little hope that the Obama administration will care about such things, if it doesn’t positively want them to happen, but we will keep on here at RRW, exposing under-reported or unreported stories, commenting on refugee matters, and pushing for sanity in our refugee policies.

Europe: Unfettered Muslim immigration driving people to the political right

Update Jan. 11th:  Check out the anger in Malta, here.

Update Jan. 10th:   British white backlash here.

Here is a lengthy and thoughtful article in something called Women’s International Perspective about how the resurgence of the right in various European countries is being driven by anger over uncontrolled Muslim immigration.  

We often hear people say that Europe is ten to fifteen years ahead of the US in the swinging of the political pendulum.  This article makes me think there is something to that.

First Europe happily opened its gates wide to immigrants from everywhere, multiculturalism ruled, now inexorably the pendulum is swinging back with more Austrians, Dutch and Danes standing up to save their cultures and their economies.  There is also great fear that the generous social welfare system is being sunk by the influx of unemployable foreigners.    So, as the US swings way Left, Europe is heading to the Right.

Author,  Handan T. Satiroglu, begins:

Not too far from the Baroque palaces and Gothic cathedrals that made the city of Vienna famous, a group of jubilant men and women are packed into a café. Glasses clink with each congratulatory toast. Jubilations like “long live populism,” and “Austria is the Freedom Party” fly randomly across the room. On that memorable September evening, I watched the celebration of the far-right triumph in Austria. It was the Austrian ‘extremist’ right’s best performance since World War II.

If the old face of the Far-Right in Europe resembled that of a combative fascist, these new ordinary faces put those images to rest. Gone are the days when support for the radical right came from neo-Nazi elements in European society; they now come from ordinary citizens, concerned not only about bleeding social welfare programs, but also from worries about the continued influx of immigration – a feeling that is likely to worsen as recession hangs over the continent.

“I voted for the Freedom Party to stop immigrants from burdening our social welfare system,” says Lukas, a grandfatherly figure and government employee. A former supporter of the Social Democrats, he gestures towards the rushing pedestrians outside the café, “Austria has inhaled enough people. We are full.”

Statistics seem to bear out the sentiment expressed by the new Right. I would like to know what the percentages are in the US, I bet not nearly so high.

Such is the dynamic in today’s European race relations. A December Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project reports anti-immigrant, and especially anti-Muslim sentiments, to be growing steadily across the continent. Noting that the increase in Muslim prejudice has occurred over a period of decades, the report claims that nearly 52 percent of Spaniards expressed a negative opinion of Muslims – a view echoed by 50 percent of Germans, 46 percent of Poles, and 38 percent of French people. According to an April Georgetown University report, 67 percent of Dutch, and 80 percent of Danes agree with the statement, “the growing interaction between the Muslim world and the West is a menace to freedom.”

Here is Ms. Satiroglu’s conclusion.   The political right is growing in all segments of society.

Though I don’t personally believe the far-right is a panacea to the continent’s woes, I do believe the time has come for a new kind of politics, not necessarily far-left or far-right, but politics that genuinely represent the interests and concerns of citizens; politics that make the diversity of Europe work. Until then, Europe can expect votes for the radical right to come from the right and the left, the young and the old, the marginalized and privileged, the integrated and the alienated, the urban and the suburban for years to come. It is a phenomenon leftist or centrist parties can no longer ignore.

An afterthought from me:    Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) would be annoyed.  In bringing about “change” in the direction of socialism/Marxism one must be very careful not to push large numbers of people to the right.   Looks like the European open borders Leftists have managed to do just that.  

Back in the US, Barrack Obama’s success (so far!) is because he has managed the blank-slate persona needed to not scare large numbers of people to the right.  If and when the press forces him to actually take stands on issues (amazing how he has managed to duck that so far), the shoes will start to fly.  

Note to American conservatives:  to end the American Obama love affair, force him to take positions.