Reluctantly a Rohingya update

Update Jan. 21st:   UNHCR wants access to any Rohingya thought to be in the custody of the Thai government.

And this:   Dhimmi Thai professor says that  just because the Rohingya are Muslim it doesn’t mean they were trying to join Muslim insurgents in the southern provinces of Thailand.  They have different causes he says!  Oh really!


I feel like I need to update readers on the developing story from Thailand about the Rohingya Muslim illegal aliens and their alleged mistreatment by the Thai military, but there are so many increasingly sensationalized stories I can’t sort them out.

More importantly, I see the ultimate conclusion to this media frenzy will be that we and other western countries get guilt-tripped into resettling Rohingya refugees to your town.

Here is one story, entitled ‘So thirsty, they lick water off rescue ship’s deck,’ I’ll let you read it yourself.   One story says the men (they are all men so don’t be fooled by the news accounts of boat people implying women and children) lived two weeks with no water, another implies some lived 28 days at sea with no water.

Most medical experts say you can’t live for more than 3 days without water, but when they killed Terry Schiavo by withdrawing food and water, it took her 13 days to die.   So, I suppose the two weeks with no water is possible, but I have my doubts.

Bottomline, I can’t sort out the fact from fiction in the daily dozen or so news accounts of the growing public relations battle between human rights groups and the Thai government.

See Rohingya Reports for all the previous stories I’ve posted on the subject.

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