Obama puts Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty) way down the list

Note to readers on April 2nd:  This is an old post, so lots of things may have changed, don’t take this as the definitive word on the amnesty issue.  We now know that Obama is a wild card and he may not care if he ticks off millions of unemployed Americans.

Update Jan. 24th:  Obama immigration agenda posted at White House website here.

The pro-open borders news site ‘Immigration Daily’ reports today that unless Congress gets some gumption, President Obama will not be pushing the amnesty legislation, sometimes called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, anytime soon.    Seems that Rahm Emanuel understands really well the issue of jobs, jobs, jobs!

From Immigration Daily

Immigration advocates have been concerned about the priority that President Obama assigns to immigration. A New York Times report dated January 10th said “On issues like immigration and climate change, Mr. Obama may focus on narrow moves first.” A more recent report in the Arizona Daily Star dated January 18th says “the consensus is that the economic crisis will put immigration on the back burner until late this year or early 2010.” All this has led to the anti-immigrationists gleefully crowing that “The outlook for [CIR] is so bleak that even Obama’s ‘immigration transition team’ — two law professors, Tino Cuellar of Stanford University and Georgetown’s Alexander Aleinikoff — has nothing to say.”

Be sure to read our friend Joe (gleefully crowing) Guzzardi’s VDARE piece linked above.  He says immigration is number thirteen (out of thirteen!) on Obama’s priority list.

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