Global warming the next great excuse for the creation of millions of refugees

The international Left is jumping for joy because New Zealand has recognized a first “refugee” family to escape global warming.

Here is a brief account of what happened at Ocean Island Travel:

For the first time, New Zealand officials have accepted a refugee application by a family from Tuvalu that cites global warming as the reason they can’t return to their sinking Pacific island nation . Although there are other reasons why their application was accepted, including their previous time spent living in New Zealand, it is a significant first step towards countries dealing with climate change refugees. “I do see the decision as being quite significant,” Environmental law expert Vernon Rive told the New Zealand Herald .

And, see here at Outside:

The International Refugee Convention still does not recognize climate change as a legitimate cause for displacement, though some have seen the Tuvalu family’s acceptance as a sign that things might be about to change.

We have 36 previous posts in our ‘climate refugee’ category for your further reading pleasure.  You should know that environmentalists are at loggerheads with the “humanitarians” on the issue of changing international refugee law to add the weather as an excuse for the creation of more refugees in need of placement in the first world.

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