Come on Gateway Pundit, you should know about refugee resettlement by now!

This plan by a local Catholic group is NOT a plan to accommodate “illegal aliens!”   (See Gateway Pundit here)


Jim Hoft in a post entitled: Update: Officials Discuss Housing Syrian & Iraqi Refugees in South St. Louis.

“A local St. Louis Catholic church closed it’s school last year and now wants to use it to house illegal aliens.”

(hat tip: Julia)

Iraqis and Syrians are/will be LEGAL immigrants.

This is all legal and has been going on for over three decades. I can’t recreate all of Refugee Resettlement Watch for Gateway Pundit, so someone please tell some of the big conservative bloggers that it’s time they paid attention to LEGAL immigration especially as this is all being paid for out of the federal treasury!

It is not charitable Catholics passing the collection plate!  Catholic groups are federal contractors!

Iraqis are the largest group of refugees we are bringing to the US this year and in fiscal year 2015 (which begins in 4 weeks), Syrians will be pouring into your cities!   16,159 Iraqis have been brought to the US in the first ten months of this fiscal year.  A large percentage of them have been resettled by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (as the largest contractor) and its subcontractors.

The feds and their refugee contractors*** are scouting out new locations as we speak.

*** The federal migrant resettlement contractors which we have followed for years (Grant recipient big dogs (devouring federal cash) Baptist Child and Family Services and Southwest Key Programs  are new on the scene in recent years.):

As Guatemalans flee their homeland for America, Guatemalans want Jews out of Guatemala

Go figure! 

Guatemalan allegedly abused women arrive in US.

We have Mayan Guatemalans flooding into the US into such cities as Lynn, Massachusetts saying they are persecuted back home (and Obama letting in Guatemalan women who claim domestic abuse) and we are expected to welcome them.

Then we have Mayan Guatemalans forcing Jews to leave their town fearing that the Jews would destroy their “religion and customs” (and drive tourists away) and everyone seems fine with that!

Why aren’t we permitted to fear Guatemalans changing our customs?

From The Telegraph (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

Members of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect have been expelled from a lakeside Guatemalan village after clashing with the local Mayan population.

Around 230 members of Lev Tahor, an intensely religious Jewish group that rejects the state of Israel, moved to Guatemala earlier this year after fleeing amid allegations of child abuse in Canada.

Jews given the boot in Guatemala


“We felt intimidated by them in the streets. We thought they wanted to change our religion and customs,” said Miguel Vasquez Cholotio, a member of the elders’ council.

As I read this story I wondered if the Guatemalans, or the US and Canada before them, would have had the nerve to throw out an Islamic sect with similar views and attire.

And, how come these Jews aren’t being championed as “stateless” by the international ‘humanitarian industrial complex?’  And, where is the UN with its condemnation of Guatemala?

Minnesota leads the Nation in number of refugee ‘secondary migrants’

Secondary migrants are the refugees who were resettled in one state and decided within a few months that they want to move on to another more attractive state—the attraction is usually that they want to live with their kind of people (and have heard that jobs and welfare are good).  That is something ethnic minorities can do and no one says boo—they can live with their people!  But just imagine some white ethnic European saying ‘I want to live with my kind of people’ and all hell will break loose!

Minneapolis Somali neighbors listen to police statement on that mysterious New Years Day explosion and fire. So whatever happened with that investigation?

Anyway, as part of that Key Indicators for refugee placement that the ORR is now spearheading (we mentioned the latest report here), they have a section on ‘secondary migrants’ and by a wide margin Minnesota leads the nation in attracting refugees who didn’t want to be where they were initially placed by the US State Department and its contractors.

These numbers are somewhat useful, but I doubt the feds can track the movements of the over 100,000 refugees/asylees etc. arriving in America each year.

They don’t give nationalities, but I will bet a buck that most of those heading to Minnesota are Somalis. (page 9)

Minnesota:  2,496

Ohio:  881

Florida:  603

Iowa:  381

Oklahoma: 235

So what states are refugees leaving?  Arizona, Texas, New York, California and Georgia top the list.  (page 9)

Minnesota topped the list last year as well, here.

Could Minnesota one day be the first Muslim-majority state in America?

New Somalis on the way from Africa:  In ten months of fiscal year 2014 we have resettled another 7,326 Somalis to your towns and cities.

You can count on those Minnesota Somali refugees to keep providing us news

Now it is being reported that several Somali ‘refugee’ women have left Minneapolis and the ‘good life’ to join the Jihad in Syria.  Hey Jamal, this woman does not sound like she has “limited opportunities.”

Minnesota Senator Al Franken is on the case!

“Troubled” funny-man Franken campaigning at the Somali Mall in Minneapolis.

From the Star Tribune (hat tip: John):

A 19-year old Somali woman from St. Paul left for Syria two weeks ago to aid fighters for a terrorist group, according to a family member with direct knowledge of her departure. Her disappearance marks the first time that family members have confirmed that a Somali-American woman has left the country to support terrorists in the Middle East.

The woman used a borrowed passport that her family believes was provided by a recruiter, according to a relative who spoke Wednesday to the Star Tribune on condition that his identity — and hers — be withheld. He said that the family found a copy of the passport used by the woman to leave the country, reportedly on Aug. 23. The next night, the family contacted the FBI and police to report her missing, and told authorities the identities of those they believe recruited her locally.

He said the FBI told the family that two other local women had also gone to Syria.

U.S. Sen. Al Franken said over the weekend that the FBI has told his office “in the nature of about a dozen” people from Minnesota have left the country to join the terror group operating in Syria.

Franken talking tough in election year?

Franken on Wednesday asked the Justice Department to commit resources to address the threat by Americans, including Minnesotans, who have traveled to the Middle East to fight with ISIL.

In the letter, Franken also said that he was “troubled” by President Obama’s recent statement that his administration had not yet put together a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat posed by ISIL.

“We must act diligently and responsibly to prevent Americans from taking up arms with ISIL, or from re-entering our country if they do. This requires that the Justice Department use all relevant legal authorities and all appropriate resources at its disposal,” the letter said.

More here…

2008 Franken v. Coleman campaign

This is so funny to me because six years ago, then Senator Norm Coleman and challenger Franken were falling all over themselves courting the Somali vote (amid swirling allegations of voter fraud).

I distinctly remember Coleman, at the time, putting pressure on the State Department to re-open the fraud-ridden family reunification program for Somalis which the State Dept. had halted with the discovery of the lies Somalis told on resettlement paperwork.

All of our coverage in 2008 of their kissing-up to Somalis campaign is archived here.

By the way, when we attended a 2009 Senate Homeland Security hearing on the earlier departure of Minnesota Somalis to join Al Shabaab, neither Coleman or Franken attended (locked in a recount where some believe the Somali vote cheered on by Rep. Keith Ellison was pivotal in Franken’s victory).  The other Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobucher, did not attend either although she had constituents testifying.

Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis? Click here.

More are coming all the time…. next!  Here!