1980’s Sanctuary Movement being renewed in 2014!

A large number of Central Americans in the US now entered illegally in the 1980’s thanks to the “help” of churches throughout the US where church members literally sneaked them across the border and distributed them throughout America.

In Maryland, for example, the illegal alien advocacy group—CASA de Maryland—supported today by the Governor and other Democrat elected officials with your tax dollars sprang from the original Communist-leaning Sanctuary Movement of the ’80’s.

Excellent read on what they where up to in the first Sanctuary Movement (but from the perspective of an author who condoned it). Why don’t we have many (any?) books from those who oppose?

By the way, some of those tens of thousands of Central Americans who got in here through Sanctuary ultimately were rewarded with that sham of a LEGAL immigration program—Temporary Protected Status—and are now the ‘family member’ sponsors of the Unaccompanied Alien Children (it all ties together!).

Some churches of the ‘religious Left’ are calling for a Sanctuary 2014 movement!

At least one is a repeat offender since it was a leading church of the underground railroad that shipped illegals throughout America over three decades ago.

There are several stories on the new movement involving churches in mostly Arizona and Chicago (Catholics in the 1980s) so far, but I would not be surprised to learn that some of the 24 churches offering “sanctuary” to illegal aliens are spread across America and may include the Presbyterian Church in Takoma Park, Maryland—CASA de Maryland’s original home.

See one of our posts on the original Sanctuary Movement, here.  If you really want to know more about the 1980’s Sanctuary Movement, see my many posts at Potomac Tea Party Report by clicking here.

And, here is one of several stories this week, this one at Arizona Central:

It started with a church in Tucson offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

But now dozens of faith communities across the country are inviting immigrants in the U.S. illegally to seek protection from deportation inside their walls.

They are part of a budding resurgence of the 1980s sanctuary movement, when hundreds of churches offered protection to refugees fleeing civil war in Central America.

This time around, church leaders say, they are responding to the federal government’s failure to reform the nation’s broken immigration system and counter record levels of deportations under President Barack Obama’s administration.

“Our elected leaders have failed to act,” said Alison Harrington, pastor at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, which pioneered the 1980s sanctuary movement and earlier this year began taking in undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

Reader Brad alerted us to the Washington Times report from Wednesday.  And here is another at Breitbart.

Cyprus: Syrian refugees rescued by cruise ship refuse to disembark

Why?  Because they hadn’t been brought to Italy!

Refugees look over rail of cruise ship. Funny that the article says it was mostly women and children. Looks like a lot of young men to me. Photo: AFP/Andrew Cabellero-Reynolds

These are not ‘asylum seekers,’ they are ‘asylum shoppers’ wanting to get to the best countries offering ‘services.’

From AFP at the Daily Star:

LIMASSOL, Cyprus: Hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees rescued by a cruise liner in the Mediterranean disembarked in Cyprus on Friday, after hours of refusing to budge and demanding to go to Italy.

A total of 345 migrants, mainly women and children, had been plucked from a boat in trouble off the coast of Cyprus Thursday by the cruise ship.

Some 700 paying passengers disembarked from the 157-meter liner at the port of Limassol, police said, but only 65 of those rescued at sea initially left the ship Thursday.

The others had refused to budge, the shipping company said.

The situation was resolved shortly before dawn Friday after police entered the vessel to talk to the remaining refugees, who finally agreed to leave, according to Marinos Papadopoulos, an Interior Ministry official.

See our entire ‘invasion of Europe’ series by clicking here.

Need your population replaced? The UN will be happy to assist

As the UN General Assembly continues to disrupt New York City, a reader sent us this old (over a decade old) press announcement from the United Nations alerting certain countries that their people were getting old and not having enough kids so it was time to start moving in the replacement population.   No mention here, of course, about the quality and character of the replacement people (replacement workers for big companies?).

UN: We are all here to help make it possible—to help you replace your old people with our poor people!

Readers, remember that the UN chooses most of our (US) refugee populations.  Yes, for some political reason from time to time, the US State Department uses the refugee program for some other foreign policy purpose, but the majority of those arriving now are ones the UN has identified.

Yesterday, we learned that they are already pretty far along with the US, here.

Replacement Migration:
Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.

Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

So, of course, the UN is busy, out of genuine concern for us, replacing our population!

The UN even has a whole population division working on this “problem.”

Some nagging from me!

This story reminds me that we need more bloggers willing to focus, focus, focus on some aspect of our immigration problem (other issues too!), not bloggers in need of running their mouths on myriad topics to satisfy news junkies all day long.

Basically, my dream blogging force would be research bloggers who would every day (or several times a week) report the news on the topic and dig into documents, reports etc.  Someone could write a whole blog just on this “work” of the United Nations!  Real investigative journalists are rare these days, so some of you reading this right now must become citizen journalists if we are ever going to save this great country.

The more of us there are, the less likely they can shut us up!