Daily Caller interview by Ginni Thomas

I was honored to be interviewed by Ginni Thomas for her “Leaders” series last week.  You can see the 22-minute interview by clicking here. (May take a few seconds to load video, or at least it does on my computer!).

More of Ginni Thomas’s interviews may be found by clicking here: http://dailycaller.com/author/ginni-thomas/

Here is some of the text introduction:

As Labor Day looms, President Obama’s immigration policy looks to become a war on American workers. Without prioritizing who’s allowed to come to America, former liberal Ann Corcoran says “the American worker loses. The numbers are too high. We can’t assimilate this many people.”

Marylander Ann Corcoran, who says she was “tea party” before the movement existed, has written a daily blog, as a volunteer activist, at Refugee Resettlement Watch for the last seven years to inform and engage citizens.

Refugee Resettlement Watch is a small but growing daily blog focused on how the government has resettled over 3 million refugees since 1975. Without any financial backing, she is doing what the media and Congress have failed to do – tracking how a federal program is functioning. Corcoran, who has published over 2,500 [5,868–ed] posts now, says “the open border left wants no borders.” And those involved with resettling refugees with the U.N. and Washington want no scrutiny of this program.

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