Oregon: Congolese refugee family of 13 was homeless all summer

So why are we bringing more Congolese refugees to America when we can’t take care of the ones here from earlier batches?

The Mushombe family didn’t just ‘find their way’ to Oregon from Africa, some US State Department resettlement contractor*** was given this family to resettle, why did they drop the ball?

(Just so you know the US State Department announced in 2013 that they are pushing to bring in 50,000 Congolese in the coming months and years.)

The Congolese family was homeless for the summer, lived in a Portland park.

From KGW.com (hat tip: Joanne):

LAFAYETTE, Ore. – A refugee family of 13 people has a home to rent in a small town after being homeless this past summer.

Oswald Mushombe and his wife Nakinga Mahinga have 11 children, ranging in age from 5 months old to nearly 16 years old. Some of them were born in a refugee camp in Africa, where the family lived for five years to escape violence and persecution in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Housing problems after they arrived in the United States 16 months ago led to the family bouncing around and eventually ending up living in a Portland park this past summer.

Mushombe said he tried everything to get help from a variety of agencies.

A week ago, they ended up in front of the McMinnville home of Monica Radke. She took them in, and has been spearheading a help campaign ever since.

***It looks like the major federal contractors in Oregon are Catholic Charities, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, and SOAR (Sponsors organized to assist refugees).  Which one screwed up?   They will all say they were responsible for only up to 8 months after that the family is “supposed” to be self-sufficient.

So I guess they don’t feel they have any moral responsibility for these people once the contract is up?  The family sure is lucky that there are kind Americans who are not being paid to take care of refugees.

Riots in Sweden (again) blamed on unemployment in immigrant enclaves

Update September 9th:  Don’t miss this Somali protest in Sweden where they are demanding their “rights.”

LOL!  “Some sort of social unrest…a statement against society,” says a police officer in Stockholm. (Hint: it is called Islamic terrorism!)

Our ‘canary in a coal mine,’ Sweden, is once again experiencing assorted riots where youths burn cars to make a political statement.  “Youths” in the politically-correct land of “welcome” usually means Muslim immigrants. See our extensive archive on Sweden which has literally opened its doors to the Middle East and Africa.  And, see our ‘invasion of Europe’ series by clicking here.

We show our gratitude by wrecking your country! Photo (2013 riots) and story about the cost of mass immigration: http://gatesofvienna.net/2014/05/sweden-and-the-cost-of-mass-immigration/

From Reuters (emphasis mine):

(Reuters) – At least 20 cars were set on fire overnight in a poor immigrant suburb of Stockholm, police said on Saturday, days before an election in which joblessness and Sweden’s open door asylum policy are major issues.

Sweden suffered its worst riots in years in May 2013, when youths burnt hundreds of cars and battled police in the capital’s poor suburbs for a week.

Gert Rosvall, a Stockholm police station officer, said vehicles had been torched in seven or eight places in Norsborg. Witnesses reported seeing a group of 20 to 50 people in the area at the time of the fires but no one had been arrested.

“This is about some sort of social unrest,” Rosvall said. “It is some kind of statement against society, but exactly what that statement is, we don’t know.”

In August, cars were also torched in the suburb of Rinkeby, which has Stockholm’s highest unemployment level.

Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming elections?

“Whether there is any connection to that, or the fact that elections are coming up, we don’t know,” Rosvall said.

Opinion polls suggest anti-immigration Sweden Democrats will take about 10 percent of votes in the Sept. 14 election, which would be their best ever result, as a growing number of voters question the cost of the country’s open door asylum policy.

Centre right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, whose government alliance is facing defeat, put immigration at the top at the political agenda in an August speech.

While pointing to the importance of helping people fleeing from conflicts such as the one in Syria, he said the cost of receiving asylum seekers would leave little room for more spending to boost jobs and schools.

No kidding!

By the way, my bet is on Sweden to reach a “tipping point” first in Europe—tipping over to a Muslim-dominated society.  Some are betting on France or the UK, but I think the French and the Brits may have a stronger will to live.  What do you think?

CASA de Maryland witnesses violence and murder involving their people

There goes the neighborhood.

CASA de Maryland’s headquarters. Be sure to read all about the Illegal’s ACORN: http://www.aim.org/special-report/casa-de-maryland-the-illegal-immigrants-acorn/


Update:  A reader reports that according to court documents, Vargas-Salguero has a criminal record and is identified as: WHITE, CAUCASIAN, ASIATIC INDIAN, ARAB (whatever that is!).  No mention of immigration status.

The Washington Post reports that a Guatemalan regular at CASA de Maryland (the very rich and powerful government-funded advocacy and support group for illegal aliens in Maryland) was murdered on the steps of CASA’s luxurious mansion by another man who also appears to be of Hispanic (illegal?) origin. (There is no mention of the arrested man’s nationality or legal status.)  See update above.

Although they are mostly advocates for illegals we have have written about CASA at RRW on several previous occasions (there are some of those posts in this archive).

From the Washington Post:

Mynor Vargas-Salguero, 25, has been charged with first degree murder. http://www.wjla.com/articles/2014/09/mynor-vargas-salguero-arrested-in-murder-of-miguel-angel-barillas-in-langley-park-106837.html

Miguel Angel Barillas worked as a landscaper for two years after coming to the United States from Guatemala to make a better life for his family back home, including a wife, two children and a mother with cancer.

Despite the tiring labor, he regularly ended his days at the headquarters of Casa de Maryland, where the free WiFi allowed him to sit on the steps and use his cellphone to Skype with his family.

Prince George’s County Police said they found Barillas’s unconscious body early Wednesday on the steps of Casa de Maryland in Langley Park. The 32-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. The motive: cellphone theft.

Police said Saturday that they have arrested Mynor Vargas-Salguero, 25, of the 7900 block of Riggs Road in Langley Park and charged him with first-degree murder and armed robbery. They said that Vargas-Salguero allegedly stabbed Barillas and then took his cellphone.

Vargas-Salguero is in custody.


A spokesman for Casa de Maryland, the state’s largest community organization serving Latino families, said the incident has rocked the staff and families who rely on the organization for help. The group held a candlelight vigil Wednesday to remember Barillas and call for an end to violence.

“I would see him every day,” said Robert Asprilla, a lead organizer for Casa de Maryland who spent a lot of time with Barillas. “He worked until 6 p.m., and then he would get off, eat his meal and then come to Casa headquarters, where he sat outside to call his family. . . . He was killed right where he was every day.”

CASA calls for an end to violence and more community (taxpayer-funded?) cameras and policing:

Barillas lived in a large apartment complex near the Casa de Maryland headquarters. Although there are cameras on the building, security is inadequate, Asprilla said. “The community is asking for more cameras on every building. We have cameras at Casa, but we need more. We also need more community policing.”

By the way, CASA de Maryland was born out of the ‘sanctuary movement‘ that saw churches illegally moving Central Americans into America in the early 1980’s.

Would someone let me know if you see an update with more details about the immigration status of the alleged killer.

MN: Federal grand jury investigation seeking information on recruitment of Somali youths for Islamic terrorism

Are Minnesota mosques responsible?

One more story out of ‘Little Mogadishu’ Minnesota on the Somali refugees turned Jihadists.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune (hat tip: Deb):

Be sure to see Pamela Geller on the story, here (“mosquing the neighborhood”), where she puts this all in a larger perspective.

Al-Farooq Youth and Family Center is under the microscope. Photo: http://bloomingtonmn.gov/main_top/3_homecomm/afyfc/afyfc.htm

A federal grand jury in St. Paul is investigating a group of Somali-Americans who were allegedly conspiring to join terrorists fighting in Syria, according to sources with direct knowledge of the probe.

The proceedings, which have been going on all summer, appear to be centered on trying to find out who is behind efforts to convince 20 to 30 people that they should leave Minnesota to fight in the Middle East. That question has stymied federal agents for the last year as they have struggled to build inroads and trust with the Muslim community in the Twin Cities in order to cut off a new pipeline of recruits.

Seven years ago, about two dozen young Somali men from Minnesota were recruited to fight in Somalia with another terrorist group, Al-Shabab. As many as nine were reported killed, and after a series of indictments and high-profile convictions, federal authorities and community leaders believed that the recruiting had stopped.

Instead, it has shifted to a new region.


The group under investigation is mostly composed of young Somalis who have been frequenting the Al Farooq Youth and Family Center and mosque in Bloomington. There, they may have fallen under the influence of Amir Meshal, a 31-year-old American of Egyptian descent who allegedly spoke often to them about joining in a jihad, those sources said.

Meshal, whose alleged actions at the mosque were reported in June to the FBI, was already well-known to counterterrorism agents. In 2007, agents arrested him in Kenya after he fled Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. He was accused of having received weapons training in an Al-Qaida camp and of serving as a translator for the terrorist group’s leaders in Somalia, according to court documents.

See our post yesterday on the Minnesota Somali nexus to terrorism in the Middle East and in Africa and follow links to other posts.

Addendum:  Don’t forget! We brought almost 1,000 new Somalis to America just last month, here, bringing the number for the year so far to 8,278 (a number approaching the three years during the Bush Presidency when we resettled over 10,000 each year).

Secrecy still surrounds the placement of ‘unaccompanied alien minors;’ frustrates law enforcement

Here is a story from South Carolina (a state btw that does not take a lot of refugees) where they have discovered that several hundred of the alien minors who streamed across our southern border have been sent.

There is nothing earth-shattering here, it is probably happening in every state, but the local county sheriff says what every law enforcement agency across the country must be saying….

Beaufort County Sheriff Tanner: There must be trust between federal and local government. Good luck with that!

Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner:

On Thursday, he echoed a similar message he shared with members of the Bluffton Tea Party: There must be trust between federal and local governments.

From The State:

The data listed counties to where more than 50 children had been relocated. In South Carolina, only Beaufort County and Greenville County, with 106 relocated children, were included on that list. In total, 434 children have been relocated to South Carolina between January and July.

The new data give some sense of where the children have been relocated. However, information such as their names and specific whereabouts have not been made available, even to local government officials, Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner said Thursday at a meeting of the Beaufort Women’s Republican Club.

Tanner said knowing the names and whereabouts of the children would help if an issue arose with them, and would also help address concerns from residents about what effects they might be having.

No one is talking!  Not the federal government! Not ORR’s State Refugee coordinator, or any of the usual federal contractors!

Attempts Thursday and Friday to reach Dorothy Addison, the state coordinator for the Office of Refugee Resettlement, were unsuccessful.

Tanner and state Sen. Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, criticized the secrecy surrounding the relocation of immigrant children to South Carolina at a Bluffton Tea Party meeting Aug. 12. Davis said Friday he still had not received information from the federal government about the children.

The children are allowed to stay in the United States and attend school until their immigration status is ruled upon in court. But it could take months — or even years — for a case to reach resolution, according to Lowcountry Immigration Coalition co-chairman George Kanuck.

Kanuck said his organization also does not know the children’s whereabouts and had not heard of an exact number before last week. Local members of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston had told him that only a few children had been relocated to Beaufort County, after he reached out to local religious organizations to try to find out more about the children.

However, the Catholic Diocese is not taking care of any children in Beaufort County, spokesman Maria Aselage said.

Kanuck said he had also contacted the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, the contracted partner of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, but it, too, was reluctant to give out information about the children. Attempts Thursday and Friday to reach the South Carolina chapter of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service were unsuccessful.

All of our coverage of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ “crisis” may be found by clicking here.

Endnote:  As you all surely know by now, Obama has postponed his unilateral amnesty until after the November elections blaming the delay on the mass arrival of the “children.”