Is illegal “sanctuary movement” back in operation in anticipation of amnesty?

It sure looks like it!  And, this time it may be sanctioned by an emboldened Obama Administration and its cheerleaders in the human rights industrial complex!

Last night a reader sent me this dynamite post from the ever-vigilant Debbie Schlussel entitled: EXCLUSIVE: Obama Sends ICE Agents to Southern Border to Pick Up “Youths” Awaiting Amnesty, Deliver Them to Northern “Sanctuary” Churches.

Our reader wanted my opinion on whether this was plausible.  You bet it is!

Sanctuary Memorabilia: Former Sister Darlene Nicgorski went on trial for her role in the illegal immigration trafficking racket known as the “sanctuary movement.” At its height just before the 1986 Reagan amnesty there were 350 American churches harboring the illegal aliens.

If you are unfamiliar with the original “Sanctuary movement” you might want to visit some posts I wrote after reading an incredible book entitled, God and Caesar at the Rio Grande by Hillary Cunningham.

Here is one post in which I spelled out how in the early 1980s the “religious Left” helped thousands and thousands of Salvadorans and Guatemalans get across our Southern border.  The illegal aliens with communist leanings were taken on what they called the ‘underground railroad’ to churches in the North were they were sheltered and eventually released into your towns.

One such church was the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church in Tom Perez’s hometown in Maryland and it is there where CASA de Maryland was born.

That all happened as a lead-up to the Reagan amnesty.

Fast forward to today and Debbie Schlussel’s bomb-shell post which begins with these opening paragraphs (emphasis mine):

I’ve learned a new term created by the immigration amnesty bill currently before the U.S. Senate: “Reverse Escorting.” If you want a preview of what “border security” will entail under Senators Boobio’s and Corkbrain’s amnesty bill, you should become familiar with reverse escorting. has exclusively learned from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents based in Michigan–and confirmed from ICE agents around the country–that the Obama administration is spending gazillions of your money to “reverse escort” illegal aliens caught at the border into the interior of the United States to await amnesty, rather than deporting them. ICE agents from northern border and interior states are being sent to southern border states like Texas to pick up “juvenile” illegal aliens caught sneaking into the border. Instead of deporting them, taxpayers are funding the escort of the illegal aliens to interior and northern border states to seek sanctuary in churches and other such locations while awaiting the passage of amnesty. Again, the practice is called, “reverse escorting.”

Outraged ICE agents in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for example, say that ICE’s “Enforcement and Removal Operations” (ERO) is sending each of their immigration agents down to Brownsville, Texas at least once or twice a week to pick up the illegal alien juveniles that have been caught because–the excuse goes–”there is no place to house them down there” (when they shouldn’t be “housed,” they should be DEPORTED). The ICE agents say that there is currently a huge influx of unaccompanied juveniles on the Southwest border because they think amnesty is coming. The ICE immigration agents are ordered to bring the illegal aliens up to Grand Rapids and to other American cities far north of the Texas border, so that the aliens can be lodged with charities while they await the passage of immigration amnesty. As one disgusted ICE agent said, “Our tax dollars at work again.”

There is more, read it all!

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is responsible for unaccompanied minors which is something we have written about many times on these pages.  The “kids” either cross the border alone or are abandoned by parents who know the feds (you!) will be paying for the care of their children, and guess what, when the youths turn 18, they are simply released into America and become a “dreamer.”  The whole process is on fast forward now, and Debbie’s report confirms it.

And, they sure don’t want those kids in Texas.  Here is one report from Galveston last year where ORR ward ‘George’ was set free at 18 and went on a sex crime spree. Then later that same spring, Texas Governor Perry ripped the feds for encouraging the surge in kids coming across the border into Texas.

Now it’s even worse!

Nearly two weeks ago I was in Lancaster, where the ORR representative predicted the number of unaccompanied kids would sky rocket this year and I wondered how they were making that prediction.  Here is what I said in a post twelve days ago:

On top of the 124,400 [refugee and asylees for 2013] is an expected jump in unaccompanied minors that ORR is responsible for.  In 2012, 14,700 kids arrived in the US without parents and in 2013 the number is expected to be 20,000. Prior to 2012 the numbers were dramatically lower.  Sounds like an incredible scam on America as probably parents from south of the border are abandoning their children to the government in advance of the amnesty legislation.

I assumed at the time I wrote the above that the Mexicans and Central Americans were following the news and dropping off the kids, but I didn’t dream we were actually helping make it possible for this enormous number of youths to come under the care of US taxpayers!

I bet if you stopped by the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church right now you might find that some “dreamers” have taken up residence, and the ORR is passing out grant money like Pez candy to refugee contractors in MD!

For more on the 1980’s sanctuary movement and Sister Nicgorski, go here.

Then call your Senators (again!) and tell them NO on the Gang’s bill.

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