Syrian refugees leaving Jordan and returning to Syria

That’s a bit of news you won’t see in Western media where all the news is that millions of Syrians are fleeing and suffering.

9000 Syrians left the troubled Zaatari refugee camp near the Syria/Jordan border in just one month!

The UN’s Zaatari refugee camp

Here is the story from Lebanon’s Daily Star:

AMMAN: Nearly 9,000 Syrian refugees staying in Jordan left the kingdom for home this month, bringing the number of returnees to more than 68,000 in the past two years, a government official said Tuesday.

“Some 8,974 Syrian refugees voluntarily returned to their country in June, mostly from the northern refugee camp of Zaatari,” Anmar Hmud, the government spokesman for Syrian refugee affairs, told AFP.

“This brings the total number of those who returned in the past two years to 68,373 people.”

But Hmud said refugees are still streaming across the border to Jordan.

“More refugees continue to flee to Jordan. Around 12,200 Syrians sought refuge in Jordan this month,” he added.

Jordan says it is hosting more than 540,000 Syrian refugees, 150,000 of whom are housed in Zaatari camp, near the border with Syria.

In April, the UN refugee agency UNHCR reported that more Syrians were opting to return home from Jordan for a number of reasons, including reports of improved security in a number of border villages, and to protect their property.

The net flow is still going out of Syria, but some feel it’s safe enough in some parts of the country to return to take care of their stuff.  We see this over and over again, there is a rush to resettle “refugees” in the West when in fact conflicts generally resolve themselves over time and it would be cheaper for America to support them in camps then to bring them to America!

So, I guess this means there is no big rush to resettle Syrians in your American towns and cities.

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