RRW week in review September 27, 2014

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Below are our top posts for the week ending today.  And, btw, September is going to be our second highest month in terms of readership since we began RRW in 2007. 

July 2014 was our highest month so far and that was largely driven by the ‘Unaccompanied alien children’ invasion on the Southern border when the No borders activists miscalculated by calling the illegals “refugees,” and thus, in my view, negatively educated the whole country about refugees.

Top posts this week:

1. Immigration is key to the “stealth jihad” says Muslim convert to Christianity

2.  Dead Isis fighter had ties to Lewiston, ME

3. Our Fact Sheet (always in the top 3)

Top countries this week were the usual (see past weeks), but for some unknown reason Jamaica made the top ten.

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Squabble among aid agencies highlights rise in TB cases among Syrian refugees

This is an article that is mostly about money and aid agencies, but it interested me because I didn’t know that TB was prevalent in the Syrian refugee population flowing into surrounding countries.

News about Tuberculosis among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. http://www.uossm.org/index.php/uossm-urge-the-who-to-implement-preventive-measure-to-stop-the-spreading-of-tuberculosis-among-syrian-refugees-in-lebanon/

It reminds us that we are taking refugees into the US with Tuberculosis and then we, US taxpayers, pay for their treatment.

Watch this incredible film from a few years ago where refugees for the US and for Australia with multi-drug resistant TB are being prepared by the IOM  for resettlement.  We first became aware of the TB issue among Burmese refugees in our earliest months of writing RRW in 2007 when the Allen County, Indiana Health Department was overloaded with expensive TB cases, here.

From Aidspan:

An expression of interest for a $10.18 million regional initiative to develop a harmonized response to a TB crisis among Syrian refugees scattered across neighboring countries was rejected by the Global Fund.

The pitch was determined ineligible because it was submitted by a cluster of UN and international agencies led by the International Organization for Migration (IOM): a violation of the eligibility requirements for regional proposals that limit regional organizations to those that are legally registered entities that are not UN, multilateral or bilateral agencies.


In submitting the proposal, IOM and partners the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Health Organization, the UN Development Program and the national TB programs in Syria and six of its neighbors, aimed to develop a coordinated response to the widening TB burden among Syrians displaced by four years of conflict.


The regional TB initiative would have primarily directed funds to support national TB programs in Syria’s neighbors, either in service delivery to the refugee populations or technical assistance to the workers within the health system. Part of the problem is that the TB burden in Syria is higher than in its neighbors; Jordan, for example, was on track for TB elimination but its prevalence rate has trended higher due to the influx of Syrian refugees.

Another problem is that countries now hosting the influx of Syrian refugees have made clear that their communicable disease strategies — and attendant budgets — did not contain provisions to respond to the health needs of refugee populations. Iraq, itself undergoing yet another security crisis and a widening of its own TB burden, has made abundantly clear in conversations at the highest levels that there is just not enough money to diagnose, and treat, the refugee TB caseload.

See our health issues category with more information on refugee health and TB by clicking here.

Obama will soon be announcing how many Syrians we will be resettling in your towns and cities.  I have wondered what is holding up the process and assumed the delay was due to security screening, but perhaps there are some health issues causing the hold up.

UK: You could be called “racists” for singing about pigs in public

What! No sense of humor! http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/09/06/Muslims-Peppa-Pig

I have a lot of more edifying things to write about today, but when I saw this piece from the UK I had to post it (even if we are getting far-afield).

If this is a true account, this is an example of Shariah creep plain and simple.

The Islamists in countries like the UK (with its large Muslim population) are getting more brazen now!  Just wait until our Muslim population reaches a certain level!

Judy and I once thought we might write a blog we would call “Hogs and Dogs” to highlight stories like this one—maybe it’s time for someone to take on that project!

From the Daily Mail (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

A couple were thrown off a bus and branded racists after singing the Peppa Pig theme tune to their autistic daughter, it has been claimed.

Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves were travelling with their daughter Heidi on a bus from Sheffield to Doncaster when the 15-month-old started crying.

The couple, who live in Rotherham, started singing the song in an effort to cheer their daughter up, but say they were branded racists by another passenger and told to get off the bus by its driver.

The couple claimed the woman, who they say was wearing a hijab, took offence to the snorting sounds in the song and believed they were a reference to how pork is forbidden in Islam though this has not been confirmed.

She complained to the bus’s driver, who, it is claimed, then told the couple it would be ‘easier’ for them to get off two miles from their home.

I hope that in the US we still have brave bus drivers—at least for now!

More here and a photo of the couple.

Open a refugee resettlement office in your town and one day be like Eden Prairie, MN

Diverse to say the least!

Two of Eden Prairie’s diverse citizens. From a story in March where the Somali refugee duo severely beat a man at a local fitness center apparently for no reason. http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/24949729/2-charged-in-eden-prairie-lifetime-fitness-locker-room-beating

In just ten years the school system there has become 36% immigrant—mostly Somali and Latino—and now requires “cultural brokers” for both groups so as to smooth their integration into the system.

Eden Prairie, MN is 12 miles from Minneapolis (enough said!).

This story is mostly about the Somali man who has been hired as the “communications specialist.”  But, what interested me was the list of languages the diverse student body brought to the school system.  Last year the system had 61 languages and now it’s 70!  Can your town afford this?

From the Sun Current:

Eden Prairie Schools have 70 languages spoken by families in the district (English included). This is an increase from 61 last year. The top 10 are in numerical order:

1. English

2. Somali

3. Spanish

4. Vietnamese

5. Hindi

6. Mandarin

7. Telegu

8. Bengali

9. Russian

10. Arabic

Need a refugee lawyer?

As I was looking around for more information on Eden Prairie I got a chuckle when I saw they have TEN “qualified refugee lawyers” in the town of approximately 62,000 residents.   Who says this hasn’t become an industry!  How many qualified refugee lawyers do you have in your town?  Maybe this should be the new gauge—when refugee lawyers move in, it is time to move out!

Minnesota Department of Health tracks refugee health!

Everyone of you from Minnesota should add your name to the mailing list for the Quarterly report on Refugee Health for the state.  See the latest report here.   Note there is a link to sign up for the newsletter.   I think you will be surprised by some of the information there, especially as it relates to TB.  But, the newsletter also has some facts about your refugee populations and how many have come in a given quarter.

For new readers, read ‘Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis.’

About the photo:  I was just scouting out crimes in Eden Prairie and came across this one very quickly.  I didn’t bother to look for others.  I wonder do those “qualified refugee lawyers” do refugee crime cases as well?  Here is most of what one commenter named ‘Red’ said regarding this story:

Locally, they are from Eden Prairie & Sshakopee, by way of Somalia. I am ashamed to admit I was once a supporter of their community integration & diversification. Then I was victimized by way of physical intimidation. Twice. On two separate occasions by men & women both. Now my heart is cold. Instead of taking the kids out, I study self defense.