Human Rights Watch: US must take Syrian refugees in order to help out Syria’s neighbors

Why should we? They are all Muslim countries and should take care of their own kind of people! Right?

Every day I look for the news that will come inevitably—the news that the US has opened its doors to Syrians in a big way.

Bring in the Syrians! Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch is getting impatient with the Obama Administration.

And, every day for months I’ve noticed that not a word of complaint has come from the “humanitarian industrial complex” after a PR flurry earlier in the year where the contractors made it clear (and here) that they want 12,000-15,000 Syrians sent to your towns and cities each year going forward.

This Human Rights Watch writer is voicing the first complaint I’ve seen in awhile.

(I have a theory that the US State Department told its contractors to shut up or else they would stir up even more opposition to the resettlement of what will be mostly Sunni Syrians.)

Bill Frelick in a piece entitled, ‘US to Syrian Refugees: We’ll Give You Money But Stay Away, Please,’ at the Huffington Post says:

With the number of Syrian refugees in the Middle East hitting 3 million, it’s worth examining how the United States and other countries not on the frontline of the conflict have stepped in to help countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. These countries have the misfortune to be neighbors not only of Syria, but of Iraq and Israel/Palestine as well, other places that have been the source of millions of refugees.

Consider this: Lebanon is hosting 1.14 million refugees from Syria, the equivalent of 83 million refugees in the United States — or the combined population of California, Texas, and New York. And what has the United States done to relieve the human burden on Lebanon and Syria’s other neighbors? In the first 10 months of fiscal year 2014, the US admitted a grand total of 63 Syrian refugees.

Obama will make an announcement soon! 

Or, at least the US State Department will.  The annual Presidential Determination letter will be sent to Capitol Hill sometime in the coming weeks (it has to because the new fiscal year begins October 1), and in it the Administration will spell out its refugee wishlist for the coming year.  There is no way they aren’t going to bring in thousands of Syrians, it is just a question of how many thousands.

The Economist: The ‘melting pot’ works! American Muslims assimilating beautifully

Yet, using The Economist’s own supporting numbers….

Approximately 12% of US Muslims believe suicide bombings of civilians can be justified—that means 360,000 American Muslims can justify suicide bombings of innocent men, women and children!

Boy did this unnamed reporter from The Economist drink the Kool-Aid.   In attempting to tell us why the US was better off than Europe with its “integration” of Muslims he/she sure revealed some scarey numbers.

Obviously The Economist attended the Islamic Society of North America’s annual shindig and although admitted we had a few “bad apples,” America’s Muslims are just like you and me, peace-loving people who want to attend liberal arts colleges, have their kids join the Boy Scouts and build mosques.

Before you proceed, be sure to see this post from last year where we reported that Pew (Forum on Religion and Public Life) says there were 2.75 million Muslims in the US in 2011.  That would jibe with this Economist report which puts the number at 1% of the US population (around 3 million Muslims).  Although looking around we see there are estimates ranging from 2 million to 7 million.

The Economist (opinion piece!) sets the stage to show how we are better off than Europe:

THE State Department estimates that up to 100 American jihadists are fighting in Iraq and Syria. A video appearing to show a second American journalist being beheaded by the Islamic State is circulating. You might think this would be a difficult time to hold the annual conference of America’s largest Muslim organisation.

Yet the Islamic Society of North America’s gathering, which took place in Detroit over the Labour Day weekend, served as a reminder of how well America is assimilating a religious minority that has often struggled to feel at home in Europe.

The Economist gushes about how well American Muslims are integrating, but admits that the US is at 1% with its Muslim population, while some European countries have reached 4-5% in Muslim population.  So, what will the US Muslims be like when there are five times as many of them?  More aggressive?

O.K. so using The Economist’s own estimate of 1% (let’s round that to 3 million Muslims in the US).

Now look at this chart The Economist has published! 

Granted Europe is worse off, but something stinks in America’s “melting pot.”

Clarifying numbers!

38% (est. from the graph) of America’s Muslims think life is not worse for women in Muslim countries:  so that is 1,140,000 who believe women are just fine in Muslim countries?

Approximately 49% of America’s Muslims are not concerned about Islamic Extremism:  1,470,000

48% feel they are Muslim not American: 1,440,000 are Muslims first!

60% do not believe Arabs carried out 9/11 attack:

Approximately 1.8 million American Muslims believe Arabs did not carry out 9/11 attack.

And the stunner!

Only! approximately 12% admitted that they believe suicide bombings of civilians can be justified:  360,000 American Muslims believe this?

If 360,000 American Muslims right now believe that suicide bombings of civilians can be justified, how are we going to feel when the Muslim population reaches 5% in America–-when 1.8 million Muslims believe in such violence?

Time for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to America!

Someone check my math please!