Biden Taps Mega-millionaire John Kerry to Be Global Warming Czar

Transitioning smoothly (they hope) from COVID Crisis to Climate Crisis to bring about the new world order.

That is, of course, if Biden ever gets anywhere near the White House come January.

So why is that bit of news posted here at Refugee Resettlement Watch?

It is because former Secretary of State, and failed presidential candidate Kerry is beating the drum about how we must focus on Climate REFUGEES soon or we will be in deep s***!

In 2016, did Kerry put his $25 million Nantucket mansion on the market because he knew this!


Surely he, an ethical man, informed the buyers that the sea was going to eat up their investment before too long!

But, this is not a new ‘scare-the-West’ campaign.

I first took note of the global warming refugee media campaign in 2009 (here is one post from eleven years ago), and I may be the only blogger following this effort by the Commie/Left to open borders (and redistribute wealth) for yet another reason, the climate (eeeek!) is changing.

See my ‘Climate refugee’ category with 55 previous posts.

Here is the news about Kerry’s new job if Biden succeeds in stealing the election. One more very old man for Biden’s team…

From (oh geez) Bloomberg Green:

Biden Picks John Kerry, Paris Accord Author, as Climate Czar

Former Secretary of State John Kerry will be named as special presidential envoy for climate by President-elect Joe Biden, according to his transition team, in a sign Biden plans to fulfill promises to elevate the issue of global warming to the highest levels in his White House.

Having a so-called climate czar could help coordinate a whole-of-government approach to confronting global warming, which Biden has referred to as an “existential threat.”

Kerry, 76, who helped broker the landmark Paris climate accord while serving in the Obama administration, has been viewed as a natural fit for the position and as a seasoned politician who enjoys goodwill on Capitol Hill. He said earlier this year that in addition to rejoining the climate agreement, which Biden has called a priority for his first day in office, the next step is “to lift ambition significantly, on a global basis.” President Donald Trump quit the accord.

“America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is,” Kerry said Monday. “I’m proud to partner with the President-elect, our allies, and the young leaders of the climate movement to take on this crisis as the President’s Climate Envoy.”

More here.

Now see that in just this past August, Kerry was on the Climate refugee bandwagon big time!

Watch carefully what they are doing!  This isn’t about taking care of some impoverished migrants. Kerry is linking the COVID ‘crisis’ to Global Warming which is all part of the ‘Great Reset.’

From World War Zero (whatever that is):

Climate Migration, Food Supply, and Global Security

Says Kerry:

I hear from many people that they can’t quite visualize the worst potential impacts of climate change.

I wonder if living through 2020 will change that. As we’ve all seen firsthand, that one threat — an insidious virus — can mean everything from fatalities spiking in just weeks, to food and grocery shortages, to schools closing, to everyone (well, almost everyone) wearing a mask just to go outside and check their mail.

If we don’t act on climate change in this decade, future decades will look and feel a lot like 2020. And one of the most dystopian realities we’d see would be the exponential increase in something we’re already seeing in isolated cases: climate migration.

Much more here, including John Podesta and Kerry on video discussing their plans.

That is enough, save this post and the link to World War Zero, if Biden/Kerry et al succeed in their coup to remove our protector, Donald Trump, from the White House, you will need to be informed of what comes next.

Remember that famous phrase, ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’, well hell, they are first creating the crisis then scaring us (attempting to scare us!) into submission.

Writer: Get Ready for Climate Refugees!

You are getting old says George Washington University grad student Rosemary Dent so the US must get ready for the climate refugee migration which will supply America with a whole younger generation of (diverse!) workers to help pay for us geezers.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’ve been warning for years that the Leftwing media has been busy dropping information like rabbit turds about how the US (and the western world) has a whole new migration crisis brewing from those on the move due to changes in the weather.

The ‘droppings’ approach is how they do it. Day after day, year after year, they drop their nuggets of propaganda until one day whatever it was they were promoting becomes common knowledge. 

COVID-19 shows how unprepared the US is for waves of migrants arriving on our shores, says Ms. Dent.

From International Policy Digest (a publication based in Richmond, VA):

Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Migration

Rosemary Dent

As the impacts of climate change become more severe and widespread, the United States must prepare for the resulting surge of human migration. Climate scientists are currently predicting that both primary and secondary impacts of climate change will collectively produce 140–200 million climate refugees by 2050. This sharp increase, if mismanaged, would likely overwhelm refugee processing systems, flood points of entry to the United States and strain both society and the economy.

In order to protect the United States from these potential shocks, the government must begin to prepare the appropriate infrastructure, processes, and funding for integrating climate refugees into the population. As the coronavirus ravages the country, it is highlighting many of the systemic failures that occur when the government is not adequately prepared or pro-active.

In 1990, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recognized human migration as the biggest impact of climate change. The IPCC predicted that primary impacts like shoreline erosion, coastal flooding, and agricultural disruptions would create massive disruptions to the livelihoods of millions. The resulting secondary impacts relate to the effects on society globally; such as political unrest, food insecurity, and mass migrations. As four out of five refugees flee on foot to nations bordering their home country, most human migration is localized to areas affected by conflict. However, as climate change affects communities globally, the flows of refugees will no longer be concentrated to conflict zones and their surrounding nations, bringing the issue to U.S. borders. The sheer scale of migration that the IPCC is predicting renders any previous methods of dealing with refugees unsuitable for this impending crisis.

In terms of physical processing capacity, the United States is currently severely unprepared.

The author goes on to tell us why we are unprepared and it has to do with Trump, of course.

Here is a prime example of the ‘droppings’ they repeat with no evidence.  It is just true because they believe it to be true!

The benefits of accepting more migrants goes far beyond economics. Studies show that increasing immigration quotas improves both economic innovation and community resilience, proving that diversity and inclusion make the United States stronger.

In view of the abundant challenges ahead for the United States, as highlighted by the current pandemic, uniting communities and reinforcing the economy to maintain employment levels will be key to survival. As a global leader in developing methods for climate change adaptation, the United States must be prepared to take these first steps.

More here.

See my ‘Climate Refugees’ category.

While we are fixated on the Coronavirus mess, don’t forget that good ol’ Uncle Joe will be expanding the refugee admissions program if the Dems regain control of the White House.

See Biden’s refugee policy.

Biden: Immigrants are the future of America, get used to it!

Although he didn’t jump on the ‘climate refugee’ bandwagon during the primary campaign as some other candidates did, you can be sure he will be open to it as one more excuse to expand the Democrat voter base with migrants, any migrants.


Emphasis below is mine:

Increase the number of refugees we welcome into the country. With more than 70 million displaced people in the world today, this is a moment that demands American leadership. Offering hope and safe haven to refugees is part of who we are as a country. As a senator, Joe Biden co-sponsored the legislation creating our refugee program, which Trump has steadily decimated. His Administration has reduced the refugee resettlement ceiling to its lowest levels in decades and slammed the door on thousands of individuals suffering persecution, many of whom face threats of violence or even death in their home countries. We cannot mobilize other countries to meet their humanitarian obligations if we are not ourselves upholding our cherished democratic values and firmly rejecting Trump’s nativist rhetoric and actions. Biden embraces the core values that have made us who we are and will prioritize restoring refugee admissions in line with our historic practice under both Democratic and Republican Administrations. He will set the annual global refugee admissions cap to 125,000, and seek to raise it over time commensurate with our responsibility, our values, and the unprecedented global need.

“Global need” like accommodating millions escaping changing weather patterns!

Refugee Activists Pushing for New Definition of Refugees to Include Climate Migrants

I guess I have Bernie Sanders on my mind today (see my previous post)!

Presidential candidate Sanders says if he gives Trump the boot from the White House he will ‘welcome’ 50,000 so-called ‘climate refugees’ to America each year in addition to likely a hundred thousand regular refugees.

When I say “regular refugees” I mean those people who say they would be persecuted for one of several reasons (politically, racially, etc) if returned to their home countries.

However, Open Borders Inc. has a whole new group that they call climate refugees who are moving from one place to another due to changes in the weather and they now want to expand the refugee definition to move those migrating third worlders to the west.


Somehow America is responsible for them too!

Here Bill Frelick at Human Rights Watch penned an opinion piece that I see was only picked up by Aljazeera in which he argues it is time to come up with a new definition of the word refugee.  What he means is expand the historic definition in order to guilt-trip the west into taking in even more of the world’s impoverished and low skilled people to facilitate the Cloward-Piven strategy.

I’ve been writing about ‘climate refugees’ for years, but only yesterday someone told me that he had never heard of such a thing!  See my ‘Climate refugee’ category.

From Human Rights Watch:

It is time to change the definition of refugee

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity and as such, should be included in legislation on asylum seeking.

Actually mass migration is an existential threat to America if you ask me!

When Trump was elected Frelick confirmed that the President has no legal requirement to admit a single refugee under the Refugee Act of 1980.

Despite recent and increasing efforts by the United States and other governments to narrow their interpretations of the refugee definition and to shirk their protection responsibilities, the need to expand the grounds for asylum is becoming increasingly urgent as the consequences of climate change become more pronounced.

A desperate appeal for asylum by a family from a Pacific island may have far-reaching implications for protecting people forcibly displaced by the effects of climate change. It could cause countries around the world to reconsider their laws and policies concerning refugees.

Go to the piece and read all about the recent UN case, then this…

But Pacific islands are not alone in facing such threats. In landlocked countries like Chad, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe, where populations are heavily reliant on agriculture and livestock, rising temperatures have contributed to flooding, drought, famine and disease that erode not only arable land but also the resilience of populations that have suffered armed conflict and human rights violations.

Whether environmental disasters are the direct cause of displacement or an aggravating factor in combination with violence, inequality, and poor governance, millions of people on the African continent have already been displaced internally or forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries because they consider staying at their homes a threat to their lives.


While there still may be room to argue whether life-threatening threats are imminent in particular cases, the [UN] Human Rights Committee has recognized that fundamental refugee-protection principles need to be broadened now.

This means not only that our common understanding of what it means to be a refugee needs to change, but also that the 173 countries that are party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights should ensure their asylum standards and procedures are adapted to protect all who face existential threats if returned to home countries that have become unlivable.  [The US is a party to that treaty.—ed]

More here.

Open Borders, Inc. is priming the pump for the post-Trump era of their dreams because no matter how many we admit, it will never be enough as far as the Socialist Dems are concerned as they scheme to redistribute your wealth.

Democrat Prez Candidate Castro Proposes New Category of Refugees—Climate Refugees

140 Million ‘climate refugees’ will need new homes by 2050, says the World Bank!

This has been coming for a long time.

Longtime readers may remember that I have a whole category on so-called ‘Climate refugees’ here at RRW.  (Go here for over 50 previous posts on the topic.)

But now comes news that Democrat candidate for President, Julian Castro, wants to make it legally possible for hundreds of thousands of migrants (millions!) on the move around the world to claim refugee status due to changing weather patterns.

Battle over the word “refugee.”

Although Vox doesn’t say too much about it in this story, know that there is not uniformity among Progressive activists on the subject.

The ‘humanitarian’ wing of the refugee industry fears that the world’s persecuted might be drowned by the hundreds of thousands of third worlders who might claim asylum in the first world because the weather changed in their home country.

Here is Vox:

Julian Castro’s climate change plan would recognize a new class of refugees

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro’s climate plan, released Tuesday, calls for the US to create a new category of refugees to welcome people displaced by the warming planet.

The US only accepts refugees who have been targeted based on their race, religion, nationality, politics or affiliation with certain social groups. As climate change threatens everything from crop production to coastal cities, tens of millions of migrants are expected to be pushed out of areas that will no longer be habitable in the coming decades.

The World Bank estimates more than 140 million migrants will be displaced as a result of climate change by 2050. Castro’s plan is meant to address that growing crisis. But other experts worry it will come at a cost for people who are fleeing persecution in their home countries.

Migrants displaced by climate change have no formal rights in the US and internationally. While 164 countries signed a United Nations agreement in 2018 to work together to resettle those migrants, the pact is not legally enforceable and depends on voluntary participation.

The US and its international partners, however, are running out of time to determine how they will support such migrants. [Says who!—ed]

Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising, flooding low-level coastal areas where migrants have already started to flee. Increasing global temperatures have led to the desertification of farmland just as growing populations demand higher food production, making the terrain unlivable. Droughts cause local conflict over control of water resources and are the biggest killer among weather-related catastrophes, according to the UN.

Castro’s plan acknowledges that the existing criteria for refugees in the US may cover some migrants who have been persecuted in “climate-driven conflicts,” but ultimately, he says it’s not enough. The US must be proactive and “cannot wait for climate change to destabilize a society before providing assistance,” he writes.


Most of the Democratic presidential candidates call for the US to prepare for mass migration as a result of the climate crisis, but none have gone so far as Castro in proposing to create a whole new category of refugees.

More here.

Climate refugees: Migrant apocalypse still to come says Canadian writer

Faithful readers know that I have been following the Leftwing/Open Borders drumbeat and warning about climate refugees for years.  See my category on the topic here.
DVD Amaray CR 8.5x14
Posted at the London Free Press, Canadian writer Gwynne Dyer says what we are seeing in Europe is a “dress rehearsal for the real migrant apocalypse” to come.
Blaming it on climate change, he says that all borders will be closed and people will be left to die.
He mentions (without giving us his opinion) that Hungary, Poland, Italy and Austria are already there.
Economic migrants!
I think he is right—-not the global warming part—that the populations of the third world are growing so rapidly and there simply aren’t jobs enough for mostly young men (in Africa, certain parts of Asia, and in Central and South America) due to the changing nature of work, and so an apocalypse is coming.
My view, not Dyer’s, is that how we handle the “dress rehearsal” depends on tough-minded leaders like Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Sebastian Kurz and Matteo Salvini to save some parts of the first world for our children and grandchildren.
Gwynne Dyer:

Dyer: Climate change will precipitate migrant apocalypse


Around two million migrants have entered Europe claiming to be refugees since 2014, which doesn’t sound like an unbearable burden. After all, the EU has 500 million citizens. Little Lebanon has let in about the same number, although they amount to almost half its own native population.

Digital StillCamera
Gwynne Dyer

But three factors aggravate the situation in Europe. One is that the refugees in Lebanon have the same language, culture and religion as most of the Lebanese, whereas the ones who reach Europe don’t tick any of those boxes.

The second is that only a few of the EU’s 28 countries are carrying almost all of the burden: Italy, Spain and Greece, where the migrant boats arrive, and Germany, which took in almost a million migrants in 2015.

The final factor is that many of the migrants aren’t fleeing war or persecution. They are hoping for a better life in Europe than the one they left behind, and are willing to face great risks and hardships to get it.

So, the humanitarian impulse is blunted by cynicism about the migrants’ motives, and the unequal distribution of the migrant burden among the various EU member states breeds conflict between and inside those countries. The politics already is getting poisonous, and this is only a dress rehearsal for the real migrant apocalypse.

Even now, many of the “economic migrants” are really climate refugees, although they would probably not use that phrase themselves.


The changing climate will devastate food production in large parts of the Middle East and Africa, and far larger numbers of people than now will abandon their homes and head for Europe. Nobody talks about this in public, but every European government that does serious long-term planning is well aware of it.

This vision of the future colours every decision they make about migrants, for the tougher-minded among them know the borders eventually will have to be closed even if it means leaving people to die.

And some, like the Polish, Hungarian and Austrian governments, and now the Italian government as well, have effectively decided to close the borders now.

So is Dyer saying those governments are forward-thinking by trying to save themselves and their own people, or heartless for not inviting in all of Africa?
Go here to read more of Dyers’ warning.
Read more about the ‘Invasion of Europe’ at RRW here.