Refugee Activists Pushing for New Definition of Refugees to Include Climate Migrants

I guess I have Bernie Sanders on my mind today (see my previous post)!

Presidential candidate Sanders says if he gives Trump the boot from the White House he will ‘welcome’ 50,000 so-called ‘climate refugees’ to America each year in addition to likely a hundred thousand regular refugees.

When I say “regular refugees” I mean those people who say they would be persecuted for one of several reasons (politically, racially, etc) if returned to their home countries.

However, Open Borders Inc. has a whole new group that they call climate refugees who are moving from one place to another due to changes in the weather and they now want to expand the refugee definition to move those migrating third worlders to the west.


Somehow America is responsible for them too!

Here Bill Frelick at Human Rights Watch penned an opinion piece that I see was only picked up by Aljazeera in which he argues it is time to come up with a new definition of the word refugee.  What he means is expand the historic definition in order to guilt-trip the west into taking in even more of the world’s impoverished and low skilled people to facilitate the Cloward-Piven strategy.

I’ve been writing about ‘climate refugees’ for years, but only yesterday someone told me that he had never heard of such a thing!  See my ‘Climate refugee’ category.

From Human Rights Watch:

It is time to change the definition of refugee

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity and as such, should be included in legislation on asylum seeking.

Actually mass migration is an existential threat to America if you ask me!

When Trump was elected Frelick confirmed that the President has no legal requirement to admit a single refugee under the Refugee Act of 1980.

Despite recent and increasing efforts by the United States and other governments to narrow their interpretations of the refugee definition and to shirk their protection responsibilities, the need to expand the grounds for asylum is becoming increasingly urgent as the consequences of climate change become more pronounced.

A desperate appeal for asylum by a family from a Pacific island may have far-reaching implications for protecting people forcibly displaced by the effects of climate change. It could cause countries around the world to reconsider their laws and policies concerning refugees.

Go to the piece and read all about the recent UN case, then this…

But Pacific islands are not alone in facing such threats. In landlocked countries like Chad, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe, where populations are heavily reliant on agriculture and livestock, rising temperatures have contributed to flooding, drought, famine and disease that erode not only arable land but also the resilience of populations that have suffered armed conflict and human rights violations.

Whether environmental disasters are the direct cause of displacement or an aggravating factor in combination with violence, inequality, and poor governance, millions of people on the African continent have already been displaced internally or forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries because they consider staying at their homes a threat to their lives.


While there still may be room to argue whether life-threatening threats are imminent in particular cases, the [UN] Human Rights Committee has recognized that fundamental refugee-protection principles need to be broadened now.

This means not only that our common understanding of what it means to be a refugee needs to change, but also that the 173 countries that are party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights should ensure their asylum standards and procedures are adapted to protect all who face existential threats if returned to home countries that have become unlivable.  [The US is a party to that treaty.—ed]

More here.

Open Borders, Inc. is priming the pump for the post-Trump era of their dreams because no matter how many we admit, it will never be enough as far as the Socialist Dems are concerned as they scheme to redistribute your wealth.

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2 thoughts on “Refugee Activists Pushing for New Definition of Refugees to Include Climate Migrants

  1. This is a UN/Soros ploy to redefine nearly the whole of failed African states as climate refugees to meet their not so secret quota of hundreds of millions shipped into the West to reside as permanent wards of the state.

    1. Keep reminding people of that every chance you get because the pressure is building to expand the world’s fake refugee populations by millions.

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