Sander’s Iowa Campaign Successfully Organized Slaughterhouse Immigrant/Refugee Workers

But were they US citizens legally permitted to vote?

As you may know I watch CNN in the morning for a few minutes so I know what the talking points and marching orders are for the Left on any given day.  Today I learned that the Bernie Sanders campaign is drumming up support from immigrant/refugee enclaves in the US and did so successfully in Iowa.

I told you just two days ago that he was also working that sector hard in New Hampshire.

If you had any doubts that the Democrat/Socialist’s strategy is to use more immigration to turn America blue, look no further than Bernie’s presidential bid.

Needless to say, when CNN reported  this morning on how Iowa meat packing companies were fertile ground for organizing, I perked up.

JBS US headquarters in Greeley, CO. My photo from 2016 road trip to visit meat packing towns. JBS is a Brazilian owned company!

Long time readers know that I have made it an important element of RRW to report on how refugee admissions are driven by meat packer’s desire for a steady supply of cheap, captive labor in the form of refugees and other immigrants.

Here is a detailed account in a socialist publication bragging about how Bernie appealed to the workers at one pork plant in Iowa owned by JBS the Brazilian-owned company I have been writing about for more than ten years!

See one of my earliest posts on how Bill Clinton brought refugee labor for his pals in the Iowa meat industry.


No mention anywhere about whether they were US citizens voting legally!


From The Jacobin:

How Bernie’s Iowa Campaign Organized Immigrant Workers at the Factory Gates

The first caucus-goers in Iowa yesterday were immigrant workers at a meat processing plant — and they all voted for Bernie Sanders. Here’s how they were organized, and why it shows once again that Bernie’s campaign is like nothing we’ve seen before.

At the time of this writing, we are still awaiting results — and a lot of answers — from the shambolic Iowa caucus. But two things we already know: Bernie Sanders appears to have come out on top, and we’ve never seen a presidential campaign like his before in American politics.

On Monday at noon, Iowa’s first caucus-goers filtered into a union hall in Ottumwa. Fourteen of them were there to caucus for Bernie Sanders, almost all immigrants, primarily from Ethiopia but also from Honduras and Macedonia. They were workers at JBS Pork, the largest employer in Wapello County.

Two-and-a-half thousand workers are employed at Ottumwa’s JBS plant. They come from nearly fifty countries.


Bernie Sanders’s platform has a lot to offer workers like those at JBS. It calls for stronger unions, higher wages, better benefits, and an end to at-will employment, for starters. Labor scholar Barry Eidlin called Sanders’s Workplace Democracy Plan the “most serious, comprehensive, and equitable plan for promoting workers’ rights ever proposed by a major US presidential candidate.”


In a strategy more reminiscent of labor organizing than anything typically seen in presidential politics, the Sanders campaign assigned several people — including field organizers Tristan Bock Hughes, Charisa Wotherspoon, Devon Severson, and the campaign’s National Labor Organizer Jonah Furman — to post up at the gates of the JBS meat processing plant. For several nights, they canvassed outside the factory from 10 PM to 3 AM, engaging workers in conversation as their shifts ended. The campaign organizers spoke to workers in multiple languages about their lives, their work, and Sanders’s platform and campaign.

The campaign’s strategy was to find people enthusiastic about Sanders and convince them to not only caucus for him, but to get their coworkers to caucus for him as well. An example of one such person was Wendwosen Biftu, an Ethiopian worker who was excited about Sanders from the beginning. After being canvassed outside the plant, Biftu came to the field office with his ten-year-old daughter, who helped translate for him, and expressed an interest in organizing others to caucus for Sanders.

Ethiopians are likely refugees. He doesn’t speak English, is he a US citizen?  Sure hope someone in Iowa is checking the voter rolls!

On Monday evening, Sanders campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray confirmed on CBS that this was indeed the official strategy. “A group that normally isn’t reached out to, pork packers, predominately Ethiopian immigrants, caucused and voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders,” Gray said of the Ottumwa workers, adding that she believes the Sanders campaign is “most able to build the kind of grassroots, broad-based, working-class support that’s required to defeat Donald Trump in a general election.”


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This 2017 post is one of many posts I have written over the years about what I have dubbed BIG MEAT—the giant globalist meat companies changing America by changing the people. See how Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is involved and Ottumwa is mentioned.