Ft. Dix Six (now five) trial began yesterday in NJ

I have a bunch of news piled up because I was so distracted by the Washington/Wall St. debacle of the last few days, I’ll try to get these stories up today.  The first is that the Ft. Dix Five trial began in NJ yesterday.  We have covered this issue in several previous posts here because one of the accused is a former refugee from Bill Clinton’s Bosnian War.   All are Muslim immigrants (at least three are illegal aliens).

It was paintball and jihad, Dunkin’ Donuts and Osama bin Laden — terrorism come to suburbia.  

And if the plot had been carried out, prosecutors say, the bodies of U.S. Army personnel would have been strewn across the fields of the Fort Dix military base.

Jury selection begins tomorrow for the trial of five foreign-born Muslims from the Philadelphia area charged with planning a jihad-inspired attack on the South Jersey military complex.

The government’s case is built primarily around secretly recorded conversations made by two cooperating witnesses who befriended the defendants. Those conversations, prosecutors say, detail “plans to attack Fort Dix and kill American soldiers” and include “discussions of the supposed justifications for such attacks rooted in radical jihadist ideology.”

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