Fitzgerald asked: “Who decided we owed this to Somalis?” Part I

Update:   Part II is here.

Fitzgerald is Hugh Fitzgerald a writer at Jihad Watch who wrote a provacative blog post a few days ago in which he asked that question.    Although the post was informative in many ways, he never answered the question.  He couldn’t, because none of us in the general public knows the answer at this point.

Those Somalis were allowed into this country as “refugees.” But why are Muslims who leave a Muslim country, where they are not persecuted for being non-Muslims but instead can do the persecuting, and who bring their supremacist Total Belief-System with them and show in a hundred ways that they believe their faith Superior and they Superior as well, owed a living in Lewiston, owed special favors in Nebraska and Colorado, owed exemption from the hack-license rules in Minneapolis? They clearly believe that it is we, the Infidels who gave them misplaced rescue and succor of every kind, who must change our ways, who must yield to them.

Who decided that we owed this to Somalis?

I’ve been thinking about that question for a couple of days and I have some guesses. I think it is a combination of factors, some naive and some malevolent, some inbetween.   The naive part is easy.  There are lots of people who feel that we are a wealthy country and we can and should help the world’s downtrodden—that it is our moral duty.  It makes those people feel good about themselves.  They feel good because they are helping with all the best intentions and they feel good because they can demonstrate to everyone around them that they are not racist.   To be a racist is to be the scum of the earth and they need desperately to be the opposite and to demonstrate what good people they are visibly and often.

It is not just about race either, especially after 9/11 there seems to be a patholgical need to bend over backwards to show how open one is to Islam and Muslims among us.

And, so those naive and well-intentioned do-gooders are shills for the malevolent forces.  I like to call them the “white hats” who, mostly unknowingly, provide political cover.   Do-gooders are entrenched in the US State Department, in Congress, in the mainstream media, in State refugee agencies and of course in the religious and secular groups who do the resettling (and are paid for their work).    They view disparate cultures as basically the same—the people looking only for a better life—so they have no ability to discriminate one from the other.  Nor do they care if certain cultures will assimilate to American society.

The fundamental flaw in their thinking is that they don’t understand the imperative of Islam which calls Somalis to do what they need to do to gain power in Infidel lands.   Maybe that is why the do-gooders, looking to feel better about themselves, don’t get it.  For Islamists it is not about themselves at all, it is only about the Ummah.

Between the naive and the malevolent is the plain-old financial advantage angle for the federal contractors (volags) who resettle refugees.  This program, on-going since Senator Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter joined forces in 1980 to make refugee resettlement a government entrenched entitlement program, needs warm bodies to resettle.   And, they need a consistent flow of warm bodies.   They like to see steady numbers because those volags can then know whether they will have funding to keep their bureaucracies going or not.    They have the requisite large flows from chaotic countries like Somalia.

The other financial driving force is that some big industries (notably meatpacking!) need the cheap labor, especially now that the the federal government is cracking down on the illegal immigrant labor.  Frankly, the ‘white hats’ in some volags and in the State Department are working with big business in a kind of symbiotic relationship and actually jointly determining where to send refugees based on businesses needs.  We’ve written about this on many occasions, so if you want examples let me know.  It is too much to rehash here.

The do-gooders feel good and get paid for resettling refugees, while businesses get what one New York Times reader called “slave labor”: 

When the Somalians were having trouble at a Tyson meat processing plant in Kansas I daily read the comments written to the local newspaper blog. One Somalian man told his story that his family was plucked from their refugee camp and told they were going to the US. He didn’t say that it was against their will, but he said they were unsure of what was happening and did as they were told. He did say that only his immediate family was pulled to go to the US and it was heartbreaking to leave his extended family behind. Once in the US he said they were “assigned” to Tyson. Also, he said, Catholic Social Services was “assigned” by the government to find them housing and get them settled. He said Catholic Social Services found them a house and gave them the key. But no one taught them how to use anything in the house. His wife had never seen a stove or oven before. He said that a translator from Tyson went with him to get a drivers license, but no one had taught him how to drive. He worked for Tyson and Tyson had moved his family to 4 different locations in 2 different states. This man felt that he had no freedom in the US. He was not allowed to find other employment outside of Tyson. He was not allowed to relocate unless told to do so by Tyson. He said he was at the will of Tyson. He was angry with the US government for making him a slave and said that this process began back in the Clinton administration when Hillary Clinton developed a relationship with Tyson.

I’m writing this to ask others about the truth of his claims. Are the Somalians modern-day slaves to the US meat processing industry?

— ~Judy, American Expat, Zurich, Switzerland

I’ve checked with our Kansas readers and no one knows where Judy (not our Judy!) would have read all of this in one place, but we have definitely heard some of what Judy says in other places.  I bring it to you now because I too have speculated whether the refugee resettlement program can be a kind of slave labor.

But, I haven’t even gotten to the malevolent part of my answer to Mr. Fitzgerald!  I’m going to write that in Part II, hopefully tomorrow.  It involves Bill Ayers,  SDS, Obama, the election, unions, Marxism, Islam and more!

Rep Keith Ellison asks Somali immigrants to vote for Al Franken

One of two Members of Congress who are Muslim,  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is rallying the Somali refugee and immigrant community to back Al Franken in his run for the Senate seat from Minnesota.

Mr. Ellison noted that his “1st two years in the congress was just to set the foundations” but that he is now experienced and can move things forward. “I need more friends in the senate and congress … honestly, we are in a good shape this time but I need you to help me get Al Franken elected to the senate” he said.

On the other hand, Rep. Keith Ellison told the crowd that “Sen. Norm Coleman voted with President Bush almost always and that he hasn’t done anything to advance peace in the Middle East or Somalia.”

The article emphasizes that Ellison and presumably Franken if elected will get the US government to do something for Somalia, but frankly I can’t imagine what the US could do to stop the mayhem in that lawless country.  Remember Black Hawk Down!

Funny, it was just a month ago that the Somali community was organizing to support Norm Coleman against Franken.  Fickle are they?