Welcoming Ft. Morgan, CO doesn’t have enough jobs for refugees

Refugees who don’t speak English or have at least a GED are not going to find much work in Ft. Morgan.  Only Cargill or Swift (meatpackers) have jobs for unskilled, non-English speaking Somalis.  (Hat tip Bluelitespecial).   From the Ft. Morgan Times:

East Africans who do not work for Cargill Meat Solutions or Swift Co. have a hard time finding jobs.

Employers need workers who can speak English and often also require employees to have completed high school or have a GED equivalent. A driver’s license is also very helpful, said John Torrez, an employment counselor and bilingual specialist for the Fort Morgan Workforce Center.

In light of the fact that the Somalis who walked off the job in Grand Island, NE are suing Swift for discrimination, I wouldn’t think Swift management would be in a hurry to hire more Somalis.

So who is going to help them find work?   Maybe a taxpayer funded workforce training center.

One Somali man noted that many of his fellow refugees do not speak English and did not have formal education during their time in refugee camps. That makes it hard to find a job. He wanted to know how the workforce center, or any other agency, can help them, perhaps with training.

Remember “Refugees take root” and bring the wonders of diversity.   Ft. Morgan has signalled that it is ‘come one-come all’ so I guess they will figure it out.

We could be witnessing the greatest fraud in American history!

If things go the way the mainstream media is predicting and we elect Obama as President of the United States we will be witnessing one of the greatest frauds in American history, and the shameful media will be to blame.

Today Andrew McCarthy has a story at National Review On-line about how the Los Angeles Times is sitting on a tape which would show how close Obama is to his Marxist neighbor Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi (now a professor at Columbia University) an avowed enemy of Israel.  

The party featured encomiums by many of Khalidi’s allies, colleagues, and friends, including Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator, and Bill Ayers, the terrorist turned education professor. It was sponsored by the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), which had been founded by Khalidi and his wife, Mona, formerly a top English translator for Arafat’s press agency.

The party was thrown by AAAN:

Nor did the Times report the party was thrown by AAAN. Wallsten does tell us that the AAAN received grants from the Leftist Woods Fund when Obama was on its board — but, besides understating the amount (it was $75,000, not $40,000), the Times mentions neither that Ayers was also on the Woods board at the time nor that AAAN is rabidly anti-Israel. (Though the organization regards Israel as illegitimate and has sought to justify Palestinian terrorism, Wallsten describes the AAAN as “a social service group.”)

Go read McCarthy’s article and then come back.

One of the many aspects of this story, and one that really infuriates me, is that the Arab American Action Network (created by Khalidi) wraps itself in mushy do-gooder talk about helping immigrants and refugees, but is really just a cover for organizing against the government.  And, get this!   You pay for this!   They get government grants!

You helped pay for the party!

Seven months ago tomorrow I wrote this in a post about Obama’s taxpayer money trail:

Maybe you are saying so what, it’s a private foundation. But, get this! The Arab American Action Network (AAAN) is getting direct government (taxpayer funded!) grants to work against you! In the most recent Form 990 I could get for them (2004), they received $122,327 in government grants as part of their $394,687 income for the year. That is about 31% of their budget to “organize” Chicago Arabs. Lest you think they are running bake sales or pig roast fundraisers, much of the other “direct public support” they receive comes from grants from the likes of the Woods Fund.

If regular people sitting around computers in their pajamas can find this information, shame on the mainstream media ‘professionals’ who I believe are complicit in perpetrating the greatest fraud in American history.

Rohingya appeal to Amnesty International to intercede with UNHCR

The Rohingya are Burmese Muslims who are spreading out throughout Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and even Pakistan.  They want to be resettled in the West.  Canada has taken some already and maybe we have too, but no one is saying.

Although this plea from Rohingya in Malaysia is confusing, I’m posting it here just to help build our archive on the subject.  I think we are going to need it at some future time.

Apparently this recent complaint and appeal to Amnesty International is aimed at what the Rohingya leaders say is unfair treatment from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.   It seems that UNHCR is telling the Rohingya to assimilate into mostly Muslim Malaysia or return to Burma.  If that is the policy of the UNHCR I commend it!

Somalis will sue Swift and the Mayor is next, or so they threaten!

This is an update of our now extensive coverage (54 posts in this category) of the Somali meatpacking conflicts in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE.   (Hat tip:  Janet)   CAIR agitators are in Grand Island collecting stories from fired workers in preparation for their upcoming discrimination suit against the meatpacker.  From KHAS-TV:

Members of a Muslim advocacy group [CAIR] said they will be filing discrimination claims against the JBS Swift Meat Packing Plant in Grand Island. It all stems from a prayer dispute between Somali Muslim workers and the company last month.

Chicago based [Chicago seems to be the epicenter of all things bad] representatives from the Muslim Advocacy Group were in Grand Island Tuesday and earlier Wednesday morning.

The group met with Somali residents to address the prayer dispute that left many Muslim workers jobless after they walked off the job repeatedly in protest.

Representatives from the American–Islamic Relations said they plan to file more than 20 discrimination claims against the company.

One of those discrimination claimants had this to say:

“Every person who came from Africa, we came here to find a better life. We could not find that better life and it is very stressful life,” said Ismail.

Really Ismail, more stressful than life in that hell-hole Somalia?   You know what we say! 

These malcontents are trained well aren’t they?  Watch the film that comes along with this article because this charming Ismail goes on to call the Mayor of Grand Island a terrorist when all she implied is that after 9/11 all the Somali refugees in town made her a little nervous.

Abraham [the agitator] said they are also disappointed in Mayor Margret Hornady’s remarks in the New York Times. Hornady said that after the 9–11 attacks the headdress many Somali women wear quote “gives some of us a Turn.”

“To condone bigotry the way that she did through her comments we think is just so ignorant we think she should rescind her comments, issue an apology and reach out to the Somali community to try to create understanding,” Abraham said.

But even an apology will not cut it for Guled and the Somali community.
Ismail said they plan to take action against the mayor as well.

Really Ismail (the bully), on what grounds will you sue?  Or, what other “action” do you have in mind?

When I first told you about this story, about the attacks on the Mayor, I gave you her e-mail address to send a note of support.  If you haven’t done that, here it is again:  MayorHornady@grand-island.com

You know what we all should do, get some of that community organizing literature so we can better identify the tactics used to destabilize communities!

Those anonymous Christian-killers in Iraq

Mark Tooley has a story about the Iraqi Christians at FrontPage Magazine today. He takes to task the World Council of Churches for their reluctance to blame Muslims for murder.

At least 14 Christians were targeted for killing in Mosul, about 260 miles north of Baghdad, earlier this month, prompting more than 1,300 Christian families to flee what had previously been a safe haven. The Geneva-based World Council of Churches has declared it is against the killings…but cannot bring itself to identify the killers.

“Of course, al Qaeda elements are behind this campaign against Christians,” said Nineveh provincial governor Mohammed Kashmoula, who relayed the obvious to the Associated Press. But the World Council of Churches (WCC), in a nearly 500-word public statement, seemed to imply the Christians were slaughtered by anonymous forces. “We have heard that people are being killed, houses bombed, thousands are fleeing their homes, and churches and church properties are being destroyed,” fretted the WCC, pronouncing all of this news in the passive voice, unwilling to add a noun to such verbs as “killed,” “bombed,” and “destroyed.”

Oh yes, that good old passive voice. No surprise there. We’ve commented before on the reluctance of the liberal media to portray Muslims in a negative light. Tooley goes on:

For the WCC to express specific concern about persecuted Christians is progress of sorts. But naming radical Islam as a persecutor remains taboo for the politically correct and highly multiculturalist WCC, for whom interfaith dialogue is more important than solidarity with besieged Christians.

He goes on to point out the absurdity of the WCC’s stand — that the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq, and that the U.S. has a special responsibility to protect Iraq’s Christians.