Somalis will sue Swift and the Mayor is next, or so they threaten!

This is an update of our now extensive coverage (54 posts in this category) of the Somali meatpacking conflicts in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE.   (Hat tip:  Janet)   CAIR agitators are in Grand Island collecting stories from fired workers in preparation for their upcoming discrimination suit against the meatpacker.  From KHAS-TV:

Members of a Muslim advocacy group [CAIR] said they will be filing discrimination claims against the JBS Swift Meat Packing Plant in Grand Island. It all stems from a prayer dispute between Somali Muslim workers and the company last month.

Chicago based [Chicago seems to be the epicenter of all things bad] representatives from the Muslim Advocacy Group were in Grand Island Tuesday and earlier Wednesday morning.

The group met with Somali residents to address the prayer dispute that left many Muslim workers jobless after they walked off the job repeatedly in protest.

Representatives from the American–Islamic Relations said they plan to file more than 20 discrimination claims against the company.

One of those discrimination claimants had this to say:

“Every person who came from Africa, we came here to find a better life. We could not find that better life and it is very stressful life,” said Ismail.

Really Ismail, more stressful than life in that hell-hole Somalia?   You know what we say! 

These malcontents are trained well aren’t they?  Watch the film that comes along with this article because this charming Ismail goes on to call the Mayor of Grand Island a terrorist when all she implied is that after 9/11 all the Somali refugees in town made her a little nervous.

Abraham [the agitator] said they are also disappointed in Mayor Margret Hornady’s remarks in the New York Times. Hornady said that after the 9–11 attacks the headdress many Somali women wear quote “gives some of us a Turn.”

“To condone bigotry the way that she did through her comments we think is just so ignorant we think she should rescind her comments, issue an apology and reach out to the Somali community to try to create understanding,” Abraham said.

But even an apology will not cut it for Guled and the Somali community.
Ismail said they plan to take action against the mayor as well.

Really Ismail (the bully), on what grounds will you sue?  Or, what other “action” do you have in mind?

When I first told you about this story, about the attacks on the Mayor, I gave you her e-mail address to send a note of support.  If you haven’t done that, here it is again:

You know what we all should do, get some of that community organizing literature so we can better identify the tactics used to destabilize communities!

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