Saudis deporting Somalis while we give them tea parties and welcome them to America

Update October 10th:   The airport was opened yesterday to allow this plane from Saudi Arabia to land, story here.


I don’t often use this particular internet epithet, but for this story I will.   OMG!  Saudi Arabia is deporting Muslims.

Saudi Arabia, uber rich home of Mecca—the epicenter of Islam, the Religion of Peace— is deporting Somali illegal aliens back to Somalia.    Yet we welcome them to America!

We probably wouldn’t have ever heard this story except that a planeload of deportees from Saudi Arabia was recently refused landing at Mogadishu’s airport.

A plane from Saudi Arabia which was carrying Somalis who had been deported from that country is said to have been denied clearance to land at Hargeysa airport.

The plane is said to have tried to land at Mogadishu airport but aborted after being informed that Mogadishu airport was insecure. It then proceeded to Hargeysa to offload its human cargo. However, airport officials declined to have it land there forcing it to fly back to Saudi Arabia.

Reports say the plane was carrying Somalis who had been deported from Saudi Arabia and was told about the insecurity at the airport after it was established that it was carrying the Somali deportees.

Somali migrants in Saudi Arabia are usually deported back to the country soon after they are arrested by Saudi police.

Reports say Jeddah prisons are bursting at the seams with illegal Somali migrants who cannot be deported back to the country.

Remember the Somali illegal aliens who arrived in Malta and the US State Department gave them a tea party and a plane ticket to Colorado!

To learn more about how we have invited so many Somalis into the US go here.

Iraqi displaced persons run into difficulties going home

Here is a pretty good Washington Post article titled For Sunnis, an Uneasy Return Home. It tells the stories of a few Sunni Iraqis who have reclaimed their homes in Baghdad which had been occupied by Shiites. Here’s the nub of it:

Across Baghdad, Iraqis are trickling back to onetime sectarian killing zones, in an attempt to reclaim their houses and former lives. While Sunnis are emboldened by a sharp decrease in violence and protection from the Iraqi government, many wonder whether they can trust the predominantly Shiite security forces and whether they can resume living among neighbors who once sought to kill them.

“It will take a very strong law to bring Sunnis back to Hurriyah,” said a senior Shiite police official who would give only the nickname Abu Ahmed. “As Iraqis, it is difficult for us to forget those who were killed. It needs a long time.”

…In Hurriyah, of the more than 7,000 Sunni families who fled in late 2006, roughly 325 have reclaimed their houses, mostly in the past month. A middle-class enclave in western Baghdad, Hurriyah is a sprawling jigsaw of tan mosques, shop fronts and modest houses.

U.N. officials and human rights groups are concerned that a speedy resettlement could touch off new strife, in part because sectarian segregation has helped to reduce violence. Already, Shiites who occupied Sunni houses are being pushed out, often by force, and returning Sunnis have come under attack. U.S. military officials, wary that a sudden influx of returnees could undermine security gains, say they are proceeding carefully.

“This will be a long and controlled process,” said Col. William B. Hickman, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, which is working with Iraqi security forces to bring Sunnis back to Hurriyah.

325 out of 7,000 in a month? That sure is a long process. Maybe they should try something else. The sectarian violence was extremely traumatic to its Iraqi victims, on all sides. I wonder if it is unrealistic to expect Sunnis and Shiites to live together amicably at this time. It might be more productive to give new houses to those displaced and let people live in the neighborhoods in which they have sorted themselves out. That way reconciliation can proceed at its own pace as the country returns to normal, but returnees won’t feel as if they are living under a death threat the way many of them seem to feel now.

Another point is that some of the displaced people are Sunnis who themselves killed people. If their neighbors know that, they can hardly be expected to welcome them back. Part of the success of the surge was accepting Sunnis who had been insurgents but had changed their minds and supported the U.S. Was there such  a movement among Sunni insurgents who became internally displaced persons? Apparently not, so how do people know which Sunnis they can trust?

South Carolina chicken plant latest ICE enforcement action

Our watchdog on meatpacking plants, Blulitespecial, sent us this link to a story on the latest illegal immigration bust, this one in South Carolina.   Although the only connection to refugee resettlement is that it seems that refugees flow to these meatpacking towns once the illegals have been given the boot, I wanted to mention this story because I was fortunate to hear Julie Myers, Asst. Secretary of Homeland Security and head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency speak this past Saturday in Washington, DC.

From the Greenville News:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — More than 300 people were arrested Tuesday on immigration charges, part of a massive federal raid at a Greenville County poultry processing plant.

Maybe you recall, Myers was extensively criticized in the mainstream media when she was chosen by President Bush to head up ICE.    But, I have to tell you she has been one tough cookie and all this enforcement of immigration laws we have been seeing in recent months is her doing.

Myers told us that many tips they receive are from Americans in these towns who would like the jobs to go to citizens and witness some illegal action involving the employers prompting them to tip off ICE.

Tuesday’s raid is the latest in a string of federal actions in recent years targeting illegal workers at poultry and meat-processing facilities across the nation.

About 300 people were arrested in a raid at a Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Texas in April.

In May, federal agents raided a Agriprocessors, Inc. meat plant in Postville, Iowa, in one of the largest single-site immigration busts in U.S. history. Authorities detained 389 illegal immigrant workers and processed them through mass court hearings in Waterloo.

In another massive operation in December 2006, federal authorities detained more than 1,300 people in six states during raids at Swift meat-packing plants.

ICE officials say the workplace investigations and subsequent raids are part of a broad program to combat illegal immigration and fraud.

If you care about the rule of law, weep.  In a few short weeks, we will have a new President and Myers will be gone.  Maybe a McCain Administration will continue the crackdown, but that is a big maybe.   We know for sure an Obama Administration won’t, afterall many of these illegals will have voted for him.   And, besides, if we kick too many illegals out of the country who will the friends of Obama in the banking industry sell houses to?

Austrian takes action against criminal asylum seekers

Update October 19th:   Haider died in a car accident a week ago and is remembered here at Gates of Vienna today.

Here is a story  (Hat tip:  Blulitespecial) just to illustrate Europe’s crisis situation with illegal aliens flooding Europe and then asking for asylum.  One regional governor in Austria has set up a facility for making sure these aliens aren’t mixing into the population. And, then of course, critics are linking him to Hitler.   That is the strategy of European advocates for open borders these days—anyone who disagrees is Hitler incarnate. It is a way of silencing decent people who wish to speak up on the issue.

In Europe you are a Nazi, in South Africa xenophobe is the favorite word and here it’s that you are downright racist if you question immigration policy.

VIENNA, Austria – Far-right Gov. Joerg Haider has set up a facility in the remote mountains of southern Austria to handle asylum seekers suspected as criminals, saying they need to be isolated to protect the people in the area.

Haider gained international prominence in 1999 when the Freedom Party, which he then headed, took 27 percent of the vote in Austria’s parliamentary elections. The party’s subsequent inclusion in the government led to months of European Union sanctions over Haider’s statements, which were seen as anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and sympathetic to Adolf Hitler’s labor policies.