Saudis deporting Somalis while we give them tea parties and welcome them to America

Update October 10th:   The airport was opened yesterday to allow this plane from Saudi Arabia to land, story here.


I don’t often use this particular internet epithet, but for this story I will.   OMG!  Saudi Arabia is deporting Muslims.

Saudi Arabia, uber rich home of Mecca—the epicenter of Islam, the Religion of Peace— is deporting Somali illegal aliens back to Somalia.    Yet we welcome them to America!

We probably wouldn’t have ever heard this story except that a planeload of deportees from Saudi Arabia was recently refused landing at Mogadishu’s airport.

A plane from Saudi Arabia which was carrying Somalis who had been deported from that country is said to have been denied clearance to land at Hargeysa airport.

The plane is said to have tried to land at Mogadishu airport but aborted after being informed that Mogadishu airport was insecure. It then proceeded to Hargeysa to offload its human cargo. However, airport officials declined to have it land there forcing it to fly back to Saudi Arabia.

Reports say the plane was carrying Somalis who had been deported from Saudi Arabia and was told about the insecurity at the airport after it was established that it was carrying the Somali deportees.

Somali migrants in Saudi Arabia are usually deported back to the country soon after they are arrested by Saudi police.

Reports say Jeddah prisons are bursting at the seams with illegal Somali migrants who cannot be deported back to the country.

Remember the Somali illegal aliens who arrived in Malta and the US State Department gave them a tea party and a plane ticket to Colorado!

To learn more about how we have invited so many Somalis into the US go here.

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