Sarah Palin criticizes honor killings

This passed by with scarcely any notice; I just heard Bill Kristol mention it on Fox News so I googled it and found this New York Times blog post from October 21. (Kristol was making the point that Palin has spoken on substantive issues but the media has ignored such things in favor of covering her wardrobe.) The post is titled “Palin Criticizes Obama as Faux Feminist,” so who would think she said anything about honor killings? The mention is buried in this paragraph:

Ms. Palin spoke flanked by female supporters she described as members of the Democratic platform committee and the National Organization for Women. She took a strongly feminist tack throughout, criticizing practices such as honor killings in the Muslim world as well as inequities closer to home and singling out female owners of small businesses, especially one she described as “Irma the Restaurant Owner.”

Not news to the mainstream media, but I’m glad to see she knows about it and brought it up — and not surprised. If by some miracle she and McCain win next week, we can be sure she will bring up all sorts of things that make ordinary politicians and the media uncomfortable.

Iraqi Christians are fleeing in droves, and the U.S. doesn’t care

The indispensable Ken Timmerman reports in the Washington Times today:

Assyrian Christians are fleeing Iraq in record numbers, following a spate of recent bombing attacks and targeted killings of Christian families in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Over the last month, 13 Assyrian Christians have been murdered in targeted killings in Mosul. A week ago, three Assyrian homes were fire-bombed. Al Jazeera reported last Monday that 15,000 Assyrian Christians have been driven out of Mosul in the last two weeks, some 2,500 families in all.

Failure to prevent the mass exodus of Christians from Iraq will lead to an Islamicized Iraq, a tragic legacy for the presidency of George W. Bush. This can only be averted by taking urgent steps aimed at “anchoring” the Assyrian Christian population in their historic homeland.

We reported on the murder of Father Rahho, Archbishop of Mosul, a Chaldean Christian, in March. There has been no good news for Iraqi Christians since then — and there wasn’t really any before then either, but things have gotten worse since then. Here are our posts on Iraqi Christians.  Many of the Christians fled to the Kurdish area when things got bad for them in other parts of the country, thinking they would be safer there. They were for a while, but they do not appear to be now.

On Oct. 17, Iraqi security forces arrested six men in connection with the most recent targeted killings of Christians, and found four of them had ties back to the KRG [Kurdish Regional Government] militia, not al Qaeda.

Prime Minister Maliki has promised to do something for the Christians. He even discussed their plight with Pope Benedict XVI and with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in July. But I haven’t seen anything about measures taken to help them or to protect them. Timmerman’s recommends these steps to help the Christians:

1) Pressure the Iraqi government, and especially the KRG, to uphold their commitment to allow the recruitment and training of 770 Christians into the national police force. For nearly two years, the Kurdish deputy general of the Mosul governerate has blocked this program. Without immediate security, the Assyrian population in northern Iraq will simply flee.

2) Support efforts by Assyrian lay leaders, the Chaldean Patriarch and others to convene a meeting in Washington, D.C., of Iraqi minorities, to forge a consensus on how best to anchor and protect Iraq’s Christian population, whether through an autonomous region in the Nineveh Plain, firm guarantees of minority rights under the federal constitution or some combination of the two.

3) Fulfill the pledge made in July by National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley to Mr. al-Maliki to transfer $100 million in development aid to the Nineveh Plain. Until now, the United States has delayed the transfer over concerns that the KRG will pocket the money, as in the past. Instead of transferring fresh funds to Erbil, the United States should make the money available directly to local town councils through US AID, without Kurdish control.

4) Pressure the Iraqi national government to guarantee representation of minorities in the upcoming parliamentary and regional elections, under Article 50 of the constitution, which was recently suspended.

But instead of these useful steps, look at what is happening:

Christian leaders learned recently that the State Department has been secretly planning to hold a “summit” meeting on Nov. 19 at George Washington University to decide their fate, in tandem with Muslim groups whose motives remain suspect.

WHAT???? I’m so speechless at this I can only quote Ken Timmerman’s reaction:

Have we become so politically correct that we will protect Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq but allow one of the world’s first Christian populations to be snuffed out because we are afraid to come to their aid?

I’m afraid the answer to that question is yes.  And I don’t think this attitude will change very much no matter who is elected president.

Answering Hugh Fitzgerald (Part II)

Note to readers:  This is not my usual post.  Warning!   It will be very long, and rather than just report on a news story, this is my increasingly pessimistic view of where we are as a Nation, so quit now if you don’t want to be dragged down this morning!

Yesterday I wrote Part I of my answer to Hugh Fitzgerald’s question at Jihad Watch, “Who decided we owed this to Somalis?”   This is Part II—the malevolent part.

In some ways my answer is similar to describing how we got into the financial mess we are in as a country.  It was combination of business, groups and individuals looking out for themselves and their own wallets in an unholy alliance with do-gooders, literally masses of do-gooders, who want to show how open and caring they are for the less fortunate, and how they have moved to a more enlightened place regarding acceptance of differant races and cultures.   In the financial world the latter demonstration of goodwill came in the form of these home loans to anyone whether they could afford the loan or not.   Those are two legs of the stool.

Then there is the third leg.   I can’t even begin to tell you how it might work in the financial markets, but I believe there is a deliberate destabilization of our economy going on.    And, a deliberate destabilization of our entire system of government.   By whom?  And, how does the importation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from places like Somalia fit into the picture?    Well here goes!

If you were in college in the late 1960’s and early ’70’s you were a fortunate (and very wise) student to not have been manipulated into protesting the Vietnam War by  propoganda from the likes of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and their supposed splinter group The Weather Underground (I say supposed because every movement to destablize requires a terrorist wing to help the movement look moderate).

Like all students with the do-gooder mindset, I attended rallies against the war—sheep that I was.  But, until the last couple of months or so, I thought we all went on to normal American lives turning our do-gooder tendencies to things like working for (LOL) environmental protection, etc.

Now, comes the revelation that some of those Marxists and anarchists of the Vietnam era have spent the last 40 years working to subvert our system of government from within.    If you haven’t followed Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers story then just google it, or this post will get way too long. 

Ayers has worked within the educational system to continue to subvert the minds of students for decades and to train students to have grievances against our democratic form of government.  He is still an anarchist and Marxist.   By the way, Judy sent me this youtube clip yesterday.  It is an interview with a woman who worked within the educational establishment to train teachers to break the bonds between students and their own parents’ values.   [Get your kids out of public schools!]

You are probably now asking, O.K., so what about the Somalis?   I came across this a week or so ago.  It is a job description for a job with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  The person needs to be bilingual in Somali or Amharic (Ethiopian language).  It looks all the world to me like this person will be involved in union politics and the gathering of grievances.

The Representatives will handle questions about membership/dues, employment benefits, collective bargaining agreements, problems at work, and union political & social activities.

Sounds like a community organizer job.   Have you noticed that in places like Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE where conflicts have arisen with meatpacking plants that Somali community organizers have swooped in to talk to the press.  Who is paying these organizers?

So what is the big deal about the SEIU?  Do you know who Wade Rathke is?  He is a former SDS member, friend of Ayers, founder of ACORN and now sits on the National Executive Board of SEIU.  See Discover the Networks here.   See Obama’s connection to SEIU here in American Thinker.

Obama has been hanging around with Marxists his entire adult life beginning with Communist Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, through his Columbia years and to his neighborhood in Chicago.   His philosophy has been shaped by the likes of Reverand Wright.  They all, to a man (or woman), ascribe to the grievance view of America—that America does minorities dirty and is a downright mean country.

Oh and I need to mention in here that the Congressional Black Caucus was involved in encouraging refugee resettlement from Africa—looking for more voters I suppose.

The Somalis are part of their growing grievance army.   Mr. Fitzgerald, I don’t know “who” (specifically) they are but they are growing the numbers of dissatisfied people in this country through importation of immigrants in an effort to eventually change our form of government.   And, they specifically are encouraging those refugees who won’t assimilate, who won’t buy the American dream of working hard and getting ahead.   A dream that Ayers’ educational reforms continue to subvert.

Yesterday, there was a small article in the Washington Times entitled, “Joe scared for America after meeting Obama.”  Clear-headed (unclouded by a college education) Joe gets it, but my reason for mentioning this is that I want you to go to a link a commenter recommended.   It is an interview with a former Soviet KGB defector and he tells how he was trained to destabilize a country.  It is chilling.  The gist of what he said is that Communists use the do-gooders to advance the destabilization and the do-gooders would be dispensed with later.  The defector had worked in India to destablize that country and the reason the liberal do-gooders must be wiped out was that once they figured out they had been duped they would be very dangerous to Communism.

I know this is getting long.  Enter the Islamists.   I’ve speculated previously why adherants to political (fundamental) Islam would align with Marxists.   It didn’t make any sense to me to see International ANSWER, a Communist organization, being sponsored by groups like the Muslim America Society.   Aren’t those Muslims angered by the atheists that make up most Communist groups?   When Al-Queda fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, wasn’t that hatred for atheism the real driving force? 

To Obama and his circle of friends, beware.  The Islamists are smarter than you. The real goal of Obama’s Muslim friends is the establishment of Shariah law in America, they are just using you to destablize our form of government.  They will throw you, Communists and Socialists (and do-gooders!), away once you have served your purpose.

You, whoever you are, are naively welcoming the armies of Islam to America—the Somalis and other fundamental Muslims as part of your grievance brigades against capitalism—because you are figuring they are just like you.  They aren’t.   They are driven by something more powerful then a desire for a specific economic system of government.  They are driven by a religious belief that Communists don’t understand.

So, Mr. Fitzgerald, I don’t know who specifically invited the Somalis here, but I know why.