Naples! Nepal! Somalis wanted the former and got the latter!

Somali illegal immigrants in Nepal are protesting and say they were tricked by human traffickers.  They thought they were being taken to Naples (Italy!) and instead were dropped off in Nepal.   Nepal, which has recently managed to get a US promise to take 60,000 Bhutanese off their hands, is trying to figure out what to do with the Somalis.  From the BBC:

Somali refugees living in Nepal have been demonstrating in the capital Kathmandu to gain official recognition by the government. [Must be recognition of refugee status.]

They say their lives are miserable because they are not allowed to work and are threatened with heavy fines if they try to leave the country.

Many of the Somalis say they were tricked into coming to Nepal by people traffickers in Mogadishu.

Some say they were told they were being flown to the Italian city of Naples.

The government says it is aware of the refugees and is discussing what to do about them.

Of course, these Somalis would have been illegal immigrants to Italy too, and that country is having its problems with African lawbreakers.

I bet you anything the government of Nepal asks the US to take them.  What the heck, 60 or 70 Somalis is nothing slipped in with the 60,000 Bhutanese.    

If you think that sounds crazy, just a reminder we have taken Somali illegal aliens from Malta.  It is not so farfetched an idea.

Refugee flow expected to slow in Ohio this year

So, as I just said in my previous post, North Dakota is looking for more refugees this fiscal year, while Ohio isn’t.  Seems a downturn in the economy, and a reduction in state spending for welfare is making Ohio less attractive as a refugee magnet.  (But, don’t ask me what North Dakota has to offer in the way of jobs!).

Educated Iraqis are among those going to Ohio, but as we have pointed out on many previous occasions they are not finding jobs that are commensurate with their training.  See our Iraqi category for the many posts on unhappy Iraqis.  From the Columbus Dispatch:

The flow of refugees being resettled in central Ohio seems to be slowing, and the newest arrivals will include some who are well-educated and speak fluent English.

The class of 2009 includes Iraqis who became political targets in their homelands after helping U.S. forces, perhaps as translators.

One thing remains unchanged: In Ohio, “Franklin County is, by far, the largest county for handling refugees,” said Douglas E. Lumpkin, the county’s human-services director.

But, he noted, “We are seeing a slowdown.”

The U.S. State Department has told Franklin County Job and Family Services to expect 515 refugees between now and September 2009.

That’s less than half of the 1,215 refugees the county was told to expect this year, or the 1,110 anticipated in 2007. Not all those refugees actually showed up, shaping a more-realistic federal estimate for 2009 resettlements.

Ohio didn’t get all the anticipated Africans last year because of the rampant fraud found in the Refugee Resettlement program in Africa.

Paul Fraunholtz, deputy director of the Ohio Job and Family Services family-stability office, keeps an eye on trends in the urban counties that absorb refugees.

Last year at this time, Franklin County was told to expect 1,095 African refugees. With a quarter of the year yet to go, he found that 182 actually showed up.

“What played out was that U.S. government officials started scrutinizing Africans who were being resettled claiming family reunification,” he said. “They’re actually doing DNA testing now” to determine whether they’re really part of the same family.

The new policy slowed the flow that, since 1999, has brought more than 5,200 Somali refugees from Africa to Ohio. Other Somalis have moved here to join friends or relatives after arriving in other parts of the United States.

Yup, and I bet all those Somalis who slipped in before the DNA testing got underway are now registered to vote for Obama!

Refugees flowing into Fargo, ND

Your tax dollars:

My only point in bringing this to your attention is to tell readers who are new to refugee resettlement that the US is no longer resettling refugees in the traditional gateway cities most people think of when they think of immigrants, but in cities where you live; and, to alert you to the cost to the community of such large numbers of immigrants.

Here is an article about Fargo, ND where the expected arrival of new refugees is prompting discussion of the need for more English Language teachers.   I couldn’t believe how many refugee students this school district must find funds for:

Fargo started keeping track of ELL students in 1984, when there were 73. That grew to 362 by 1996. The district now has nearly 1,000 ELL students – a majority of whom are refugees, Sanders said.

Fargo’s ELL students represent 113 languages and 10 percent of the district’s enrollment, she added.

To support the increase, Fargo hired five new ELL teachers last year – the biggest-ever increase in ELL faculty numbers, Sanders said. The district now has 26 ELL teachers, paraprofessionals and social workers.

If your city or town is getting ready to welcome refugees, maybe it would be wise to contact these counties in North Dakota and see how they are managing.

By the way, the National Governor’s Association has raised the alarm about these unfunded mandates that the federal government is placing on local governments to care for refugees.  I wrote about it here last spring and when I went back to look at that article I had also written that North Dakota was actively looking for more refugees.  Go figure!

Al-Qaeda-trained Chinese Muslims are equated to American gun owners

Andrew McCarthy of National Review provides a devastating commentary on the judge who wants to release the Uighurs into the United States (see previous post). His article is titled “American Gun Owner = Trained Jihadist” and the subtitle scares me to death: “The Uighur saga provides a window on Obama-style counterterrorism.” The whole article is well worth reading, but the first paragraph gives it in a nutshell:

Are you a bitter clinger? One of those American gun owners belittled by Sen. Barack Obama, filled with antipathy for people who aren’t like you? You know, people like foreign Muslims whose idea of a few weeks’ vacation is a course of paramilitary training at an al-Qaeda-affiliated camp?

Yes, we’re bitter clingers, like the people of Grand Island, Greeley, and all those other places that question bringing in people “not like them” — people whose idea of being Americans is to make others conform to their religious preferences. And now our betters are telling us that just because the Uighurs trained at terrorist camps doesn’t mean they won’t make suitable neighbors. Neighbors for us, that is, not for the judge.  When the U.S. government disagreed,

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit told the government in June that it needed to come up with a better rationale for branding the Uighurs enemy combatants. Judge Urbina then dramatically upped the ante, not only concluding the detainees were not combatants but ordering them released into the United States.  The government sought an emergency stay of that order so that the D.C. Circuit could hear its appeal.

That was the occasion for yesterday’s ruling, and for Judge Rogers to share her very interesting views. As the Washington Post reports (italics mine):  

Justice Department lawyers have argued that only the president or Congress has the legal authority to order the Uighurs’ release into the United States. They have also said that immigration laws would preclude them from entering the country because they received weapons training at a camp operated by a designated terror organization.

Rogers rejected those arguments, writing that courts have the power to order the release under habeas corpus, a centuries-old legal doctrine that allows prisoners or detainees to challenge their confinement in federal court. The judge also rejected the argument that immigration laws would bar the Uighurs’ entry, writing that such an interpretation would “rob” the men’s rights of meaning.

Even if the men had received weapons training, she wrote, that “cannot alone show they are dangerous, unless millions of United States resident citizens who have received fire arms training are deemed to be dangerous as well.”

McCarthy points out that the judge is placing the judiciary above the elected branches of government.

Congress has included in the conditions it has set proscriptions against the entry of aliens who have had paramilitary training in terrorist camps or are members of terrorist organizations. The Uighurs are disqualified under both categories.

And he goes on to point out:

The judge is politically unaccountable: We can get rid of a president who endangers us; what do we do about the judge?

And here is his pointed bottom line:

Most unbelievable of all, though, is Judge Rogers’s take on guns. Can you imagine drawing a moral and factual equivalence between United States citizens who own firearms and alien terrorist trainees who have gone to jihadist camps and received instruction in explosives, close-combat, assassination tactics, and jihadist ideology? The mind reels.

Sen. Obama has indicated that, if elected, he will return us to his vision of the “rule of law”: The pre-9/11 days when counterterrorism was the province of the federal courts. How reassuring that, as Colin Powell assures us, Obama is possessed of such intellectual rigor. After all, that’s what enables him to shun the simplistic Bush approach of regarding terrorists as wartime enemies . . . and all its attendant false choices.

Sure, the Uighurs may move in next door to you. But not to worry: Obama promises you’ll have the enormous satisfaction of knowing your reputation in the international community — in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan — is now markedly improved. And you can sleep well at night knowing jurists just like Judith Rogers could soon be filling vacancies on federal courts throughout the country.