From Greece to Italy, African immigrants stirring the pot in Europe

Update September 23rd:  Italy deploys 500 troops to Naples to insure that calm is restored to this tense region.


It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Blulitespecial is keeping me at the computer and busy by sending interesting articles I can’t resist telling you about.

Here is news of a demonstration in Italy where African immigrants marched to protest an alleged mafia hit of six of their fellow immigrants.

ROME — Hundreds of African immigrants took their anger over the alleged mafia killing of six Africans to the streets on Friday, hurling rocks and smashing windows in a town north of Naples.

Several hundred people participated in the demonstration, which continued into the evening, police said.

What is it about?   Just like the rampage I reported in Greece yesterday, it’s apparently competition over the drug trade.

The demonstrators were protesting the shooting deaths of six immigrants from Ghana, Togo and Liberia late Thursday in what authorities say may have been a hit by the Camorra crime syndicate _ punishment for trying to compete in the drug trade.

Here is another Italian hot spot in the news this week.  Algerians held in advance of deportation rioted.

And, since I’m on the topic of Europe, lets head north to Ireland where more African refugees will be resettled soon, but interestingly officials are not announcing which town will be getting them.   In Finland, one town after another is declining refugee placement.    Where could this unwelcoming trend be coming from?    Let me guess!

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