Austrian takes action against criminal asylum seekers

Update October 19th:   Haider died in a car accident a week ago and is remembered here at Gates of Vienna today.

Here is a story  (Hat tip:  Blulitespecial) just to illustrate Europe’s crisis situation with illegal aliens flooding Europe and then asking for asylum.  One regional governor in Austria has set up a facility for making sure these aliens aren’t mixing into the population. And, then of course, critics are linking him to Hitler.   That is the strategy of European advocates for open borders these days—anyone who disagrees is Hitler incarnate. It is a way of silencing decent people who wish to speak up on the issue.

In Europe you are a Nazi, in South Africa xenophobe is the favorite word and here it’s that you are downright racist if you question immigration policy.

VIENNA, Austria – Far-right Gov. Joerg Haider has set up a facility in the remote mountains of southern Austria to handle asylum seekers suspected as criminals, saying they need to be isolated to protect the people in the area.

Haider gained international prominence in 1999 when the Freedom Party, which he then headed, took 27 percent of the vote in Austria’s parliamentary elections. The party’s subsequent inclusion in the government led to months of European Union sanctions over Haider’s statements, which were seen as anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and sympathetic to Adolf Hitler’s labor policies.

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