VDARE writer details Refugee program propaganda; questions former program head David Robinson’s doublespeak

Here is an article from VDARE’s venerable Thomas Allen who has been writing about problems with the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program for more than ten years now.   See his list of investigative reports at VDARE, here, beginning in the year 2000, for a catalog of the program’s ills.

In his latest article, Allen maintains that the Refugee program is on the ropes and that the Press event in New York City in April gives the discerning reader a hint of the problems they are facing.  LOL! The reporters at events like this one are far from discerning!

Allen then goes on to discuss then Acting Assistant Secretary of State David Robinson’s own doublespeak.  Longtime readers may remember that in 2000 Robinson wrote an incredible document for the National War College in which he admits that the program is politicized and controlled by refugee contractors looking for government largesse.

Here is Allen:

….the Refugee Industry is still in the saddle—owing to the general uselessness of Congress; and to the Main Stream Media’s systematic failure to report the issue.

But the Refugee Industry is clearly having an increasingly hard time.

Of course, it can count on the support of the interest groups profiting from the refugee trade—both the government-addicted “charity” refugee contractors like the Episcopalian Migration Ministries,, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service  and Catholic Charities. (And also the cheap-labor addicted Slave Power.) But there is clearly concern in government circles that the refugee business is not faring as well among those who are forced to pay for it.

Read it all.

By the way, Robinson was only acting Assistant Secretary for Population Refugees and Migration when he presided over the New York City press event.  The new Asst. Sec. for PRM is Anne Richard who revolved in the door from her previous job with one of the refugee contractors—the same one doing this press ‘dog and pony show’ event in April with Robinson—the International Rescue Committee.  And, it gets more interesting, Robinson roundly criticized the IRC in that war college report more than a decade ago.

I wonder does Robinson sleep at night?

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