Catholics have no business being in Bosnia!

The end result of Bill Clinton’s Bosnian war is that Bosnia will be a Muslim country.  Funny how it works—the building of a Caliphate.*  Muslims: countries like Bosnia are ours now and your country will be ours too one day.

See this very interesting story at Aid to the Church in Need about Catholic refugees who wish to return to their homes in Bosnia-Herzegovina and are being discouraged from returning.  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops need to read this!  By the way, we resettled over 150,000 refugees (mostly Muslims) from the former Yugoslavia and the Catholic Bishops helped distribute them around the US.

In the past two months alone 800 Catholic refugee families living abroad turned to Bishop Franjo Komarica of Banja Luka to obtain assistance for their return to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thousands of refugees are likewise ready to come back. The chairman of the Bishops’ Conference for Bosnia and Herzegovina passed on this information at a recent meeting with the international Catholic charity “Aid to the Church in Need”. Those willing to return expected assistance from the Church in rebuilding their houses and restoring infrastructure. “That is, in fact, the job of the government,” he emphasised. However, Catholics received only a minimal fraction of the international aid.

The bishop complained about the lack of political will on the part of the Bosnian government and the international community to enable Catholics to return to Bosnia-Herzegovina. In this context he referred to a “well formulated strategy” aimed at eradicating the Catholic presence in the country. Individual politicians openly admitted in personal conversations, he said, that they felt Catholics had “no business being in Bosnia”.

Komarica stated that he has been struggling for many years to “create a state founded on the rule of law”. The Catholic Church simply wants to have the same rights as other sections of the population and “meet its obligation to work together for a better future for the country”, he said. It is “not good for Bosnia to exclude an entire ethnic group”, he added. In his view the Catholics of Croatian origin are “not guests, but the oldest ethnic group”.

Of the 835,000 Catholics who lived in Bosnia-Herzegovina before the war between 1992 and 1995, only 450,000 have remained. 40% of the population is Islamic and around 31% belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Church. The rest belongs to other religious communities. Catholics still make up around 10% of the population.

*Update!  What a coincidence that I mentioned the Caliphate—reader Judith alerts us to an upcoming Caliphate conference (not in the Middle East) but right here in our very own Chicago in two weeks!

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