Canada cracking down on refugee criminals

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Whew! They are getting serious in Canada—it’s deportation for you if you break the law and no appeals allowed.  Well, assuming they get this proposed legislation enacted.

From the Vancouver Sun:

MONTREAL — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney introduced legislation in the House of Commons Wednesday that would tighten conditions for foreigners entering Canada and aimed mainly at “foreign criminals.”

The measure calls for the automatic expulsion of political refugees and both permanent and temporary residents who commit a crime and are sentenced to more than six months prison.

The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper “is putting a stop to foreign criminals relying on endless appeals in order to delay their removal from Canada during which time they continue to terrorize innocent Canadians,” Kenney told reporters.


The proposed change “means that there will be no review of all of the circumstances and how the deportation order might affect children or spouses, family, etc,” immigration attorney Lorne Waldman told CBC News in an e-mail message. “It means deportation regardless of how long the person is in Canada.”