CAIR orders Muslims: no more cooperation with FBI

When I reported on Somalis in Minneapolis balking at cooperating with the FBI, I didn’t realize this is probably connected to the policy of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) not to cooperate with the FBI.  The Los Angeles Times reports Some influential Muslim groups question FBI’s actions. The subhead reads:

Revelations that the agency has been surveilling popular leaders and infiltrating mosques and schools has many organizations turning away from their post-9/11 cooperation.
The piece begins:
As they sipped tea and nibbled on dates, more than 100 men and women listened to a litany of speakers sounding the same message: The FBI is not your friend.

“We’re here today to say our mosques are off limits,” Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Greater Los Angeles, told the crowd last month at an Anaheim mosque.

“Our Koran is off limits,” Ayloush said. “Our youth, who they try to radicalize, are off limits. Now is the time to tell them, ‘We’re not going to let this happen anymore.’ “

Such strong words from a man who once was a vocal advocate of ties with federal law enforcement was yet one more signal that the fragile relationship between Muslim American groups and the FBI is being tested.

….On Sunday, a coalition of the nation’s largest Muslim organizations, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Islamic Society of North America, issued a statement demanding that the Obama administration address FBI actions, including what they describe as the “infiltration of mosques,” the use of “agent provocateurs to trap unsuspecting Muslim youth” and the “deliberate vilification” of the council.

It appears from the article that the Muslims were cooperative until the FBI actually found terrorist activities among them, including in their mosques. So no more cooperation. And imagine, it surveilled “popular leaders.” I guess if a leader is popular he can’t be involved in terrorism. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter.
The Somalis must have gotten the word. They might be concerned about their missing youths, but not enough to cooperate with the FBI in finding out what’s going on.
Hat tip: Robert Spencer.
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