Human Rights Activist: Rohingya trained by Al-Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan

This is not new to me or any of our regular readers, but here, for those of you who are ready to resettle Rohingya refugees in the West and in the US, is further confirmation  why we should slow that project.

By William Gomes in the Asian Tribune today:

Bangladesh is terrorized by Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism has created a culture of fear in Bangladesh. Our main objective is to bring out the nation from this culture of fear. Afghanistan is noted with the notion that “a nation at war and some time a nation engulfed by the “Taliban”.

In 1990s, 70,000 to 120,000 Muslim youth trained to fight in Asia, Africa, and in Middle East in different Al-Qaeda and Taliban camps in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda highly trained a notable number of Islamic groups and indoctrinated them with the mission of “Jihad” that influx all over the world the message of fear and violence.

Arakan Rohingya Nationalist Organization (ARNO) and Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) were among the groups who were trained in Afghanistan camps and were and are active in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Every single Islamic terrorist attack from 9/11 to Bangladesh or else where in world is direct or indirect curse of the mushroom growth of Islamic terrorism. Harkat-ul-Jehad Islami-Bangladesh (HuJI-B) and Jamaat-ul-Mujaihdeen Bangladesh (JMB) have had a strong relation with the Afghanistan based Islamic terrorist networks. Bangladesh witnessed a mass bloodshed in the name of bloody Islam. Roads of Bangladesh were shacked with the slogan “We are Taliban and Bangla Will be Afghan”.

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Senator Bob Casey: bring more Iraqis to the US

Hey Bob, how about we put them all in Pennsylvania then. 

Casey, a Democrat of course, is chairman of a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee (Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia) that held a hearing yesterday on Iraqi refugees.   So typical of the mainstream media, this seems to be the headline news out of the event.

The chairman of the panel, Senator Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, agreed that the United States should not ignore the plight of Iraqis who fled their homes. “It presents to the American people and to the world a moral challenge as well as one that is related to security,” he said.

Casey suggested the U. S. government do more to resettle Iraqi refugees in the United States.

Does no one ever have the guts to mention the PROBLEMS that Iraqi refugees are having when they get here!  No jobs!  Lousy apartments!

This Voice of America story that I am quoting from discusses testimony by two women who both pretty much said:

Laipson and Aossey are calling on the United States and the international community to do more to support humanitarian efforts aimed at fostering conditions that would allow a safe and sustainable return of Iraqi refugees.

There was a third testimony by a professor of Middle East Studies, an Iraqi, from Fredericksburg, VA of all places.    His testimony is here.   He has a few lines near the end about third country resettlement, but the bulk of his testimony is about how to make the lives better for Iraqis in the Middle East and how to get them back to Iraq!      Not worthy of quoting I suppose.

Ironically, Professor Al-Tikriti of Fredericksburg, VA must know about unhappy resettled Iraqis in light of the two families that left Virginia within the last two weeks to return to Syria!

Go back and look at the testimony presented at the hearing and wonder how Senator Casey grabs the headlines by asking that more Iraqis be brought to the US.