Somali missing youths should soon return home

Update April 22nd:  I can’t believe it, the Obama Administration is considering funding training for security forces for this supposed moderate Somali government in hopes of deterring piracy, here.  More taxpayer funds down a rat hole!

As a starting point, the United States plans to help fund the country’s nascent security force.


Did you hear the news?   The New York Times is reporting that the Somali Parliment has voted to govern Somalia with Shariah Law.  Hat tip:  Mars.  This should be great news for the American Somali families whose sons have gone to fight for al-Shabaab (an al Qaeda affiliate) and a fundamentalist Islamic Somalia.

MOGADISHU, Somlia — Somalia’s Parliament voted unanimously on Saturday to institute Islamic law, a measure lawmakers say they hope will strengthen popular support for the government and siphon it away from the Islamist militias fighting an insurgency here.

The vote ratified a decision by the cabinet last month to adopt the legal code of Islam based on the Koran, known as Shariah.

Okay, so that means the fighting will end, right?

“I am happy with the Shariah,” said Ismahan Haghi Aweis, 24, a student in Mogadishu, the capital. “I hope that the fighting is all over.”

The Shabab, a hard-line Islamist insurgent movement that controls large swaths of southern Somalia, has imposed its own version of Islamic law and vowed to rebel against the government.

We can all be on the lookout for the return of the missing former refugee youths, because afterall isn’t that what they were fighting for—a Shariah government in Somalia?  They can now turn their attentions to the next battle—establishing Shariah Law in Minnesota!

Further thoughts in the a.m.:  You know that report that Janet Reno (oops! Napolitano) released the other day (Judy posted on it here).  When Homeland Security warns of returning radicalized American military men, they must have been thinking of returning American Somali fighters.

Washington Post’s muddled editorial on Uighurs

This is a prime example of why I no longer subscribe to the Washington Post after two decades of doing so.   Yesterday’s editorial, “Justice for Uighurs, Chinese Muslim detaineees should be welcomed into the United States,”  is muddled and demonstrates that Leftwing do-gooders still drive the WaPo.   As I read the editorial, I wished the Uighurs, all 17 of them, could be relocated to the author’s street.

If you don’t know the facts about the Uighurs, please read our many previous posts here.

The Post begins:

FOR THE PAST seven years, 17 men have been held at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainees who the U.S. government acknowledges should never have been there. They are not enemies of the United States or its allies and have not engaged in violence against U.S. or other interests. Yet these men — ethnic Chinese Muslims known as Uighurs — continue to be prisoners of years-old mistakes, ancient hostilities and modern-day diplomatic failures.

The Washington Post fails to tell readers that these poor misunderstood men didn’t just drop from the sky into the custody of the US, they were captured in Afghanistan.  Were they there on a little vacation from the troubled Chinsese region where they are wanted for terrorism?

China wants them back, so Obama will be inviting official Chinese anger to be rained down on us just at a time when he and Miss Hillary are begging the Chinese to further bail us out of our financial woes.  But, of course, the Washington Post denies the harmless Uighurs are part of an Islamic separatist movment in China.

The United States cannot return the men to China for fear that they will be mistreated or even tortured; the Chinese government considers them part of a terrorist group and has itself detained or abused Uighurs even when there was no evidence that they engaged in violence. The Bush administration tried for years to find the Uighurs a home in a third country, but to no avail; the Chinese government has threatened to retaliate politically against any nation that offers the Uighurs a haven.

The editorial hammers home the point over and over again (count the number of times!) that they are innocent.  Read the entire editorial.

In the meantime, 17 innocent men will continue to be confined on an island naval base ringed by barbed wire.

Washington Post, make up your mind!  Are they innocent or not?  Check this out, after repeatedly telling us they were innocent, here is how they cover their ass in case they don’t turn out to be such nice fellows afterall.

We have previously urged the administration to accept one or two of the detainees as a show of good faith and in an effort to spur ambivalent allies to take in the others. But the time has come for the United States to accept full responsibility for wrongly holding the Uighurs and to act boldly to rectify this miscarriage of justice. President Obama should grant asylum to all of the Uighur detainees, subject to confirmation that they have not engaged in any acts of violence.

What!!!!  You just spent I don’t know how many words telling us they are harmless!

As I said, I wonder if they could be resettled in the editor’s “welcoming” neighborhood.

Comment worth noting: Muslims lie to get into Australia

Gosh, I got up this morning to find many interesting comments from around the world, so it was hard to decide which one I wanted to post as a ‘comment worth noting.’  Below is Anne from Australia, but so as not to leave anyone out, you might want to see Nicholas here, Abdi and Dave here, or Joyce here.

One thing that struck me about this comment from Australia is that it makes me wonder if there are no avenues to disseminate Anne’s message in Australia.  Do any of our regular Australian readers know if you have the equivalent of Refugee Resettlement Watch in your country?

Anne (hopefully not her real name) posted a comment to our most recent post about asylum seekers trying to get to Australia in the wake of changes in asylum policy which makes it easier to get  into Australia.

It was widely known in the Afghan community (Adelaide) in the last huge wave of boat arrivals that the Pakistani Afghans were granted permanent visas well before the true Afghan refugees received theirs. The proportion of true Afghan refugees was only about 10%. They spoke of Immigration actually telling them it is sometimes better if they don’t tell the truth. Those who did tended to be left until the last. This was the cause of many fights and arguments at the time. It is always harder to prove your case than to pay someone in Pakistan to give you false papers.

I have met many who claimed to be a 13-17 years old and in fact were either in their mid twenties or thirties. They were visibly older than they claimed but Immigration easily provided them with visas. Many of the so called orphan boys were actually married men with large families – 6 in Perth in one instance. My former partner was an Afghan refugee. I gave up working with refugees before the birth of our son. Now began the really scary time. I was to learn much about what was really going on but always under threat of losing my child if I spoke out the truth to authorities even now I am under a threat of retribution should I approach authorities.

I believe it is essential that the government is really careful when it determines who is to stay here or not. Some are genuine and some are not. Their concept of truth is so different to ours. Justice under our law and revenge under theirs. Woman – how sadly they are treated. The men that come here must be made to learn values of our society and accept the consequences when they break our laws rather than see it as a permission to take revenge on the victim.

To Abdi, this is what I mean by Muslims not assimilating.  It has nothing to do with paying taxes and working hard, but has everything to do with the advancement the Judeo-Christian ethic has given women in the West.  Islam is not there yet and likely never will be if you and others like you are not working to ‘assimilate’ in Australia or the US.