Hurry, get your free government money before it runs out

Your tax dollars:

The State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration announced today the availability of additional tax payer funding for refugees who need help paying rent.   Five million dollars of Federal Emergency Housing Assistance can be applied for between today and May 21st, but hurry, the taxpayer funding will be going fast.

See today’s announcement here.

Oh, and you have to be an approved federal contractor—-one of the top ten or presumably one of hundreds of their subcontractors.

Ahhhhh! Omar Jamal headed to New York to help Somali pirate

Update November 17th:  Omar Jamal is off to NYC again, this time to represent Somalia at the UN, here.

Update May 19th:  Somali pirate indicted in NY, faces life in prison.

Urgent Update later on the 22nd:   Minnesota State Rep. is seeking to cut any public funds to Jamal’s organization, here.

Update April 22nd:  The pirate’s life here (if you can believe it!).   And, a report from court, but no sign of Jamal.

To devoted readers who predicted this in the last couple of days, you nailed it!  Omar Jamal is going to help the Somali pirate to assure he gets justice!   Thanks to all who sent it!   From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

A Twin Cities Somali community activist said he is on his way to New York this morning on a mission to ensure that an accused pirate is treated justly in a court appearance this afternoon.

Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul, said he spoke Monday with the parents of Abdiwali Abduhl Wali-i-Musi, the sole surviving Somali pirate from the hostage-taking of an American ship captain.

Jamal said he intends to be in court today with Wali-i-Musi and carrying a letter from his parents in Somalia explaining that Jamal has permission to arrange for Wali-i-Musi’s defense.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.   Omar Jamal is either a narcissistic news hound or something much more complex, sinister?   We have been writing about him for a year and a half.  At first he was only defending Somali rapists, then he hit the big time when he got into the middle of the Somali cyanide death case in Denver last summer.  I call him the Somali Jesse Jackson!    In that case, the M.O. was the same as the one reported here in the Star Tribune,  he contacted the Canadian family of the Somali who died with enough cyanide to kill hundreds in advance of the Democratic National Convention and convinced the media that the guy was no terrorist, just a nut.

Most recently Jamal has been the go-to guy for the media on the missing Somali (former refugee) youths story.   In between he is into every issue involving Somalis from Somali gangs to ‘no child left behind,’ even the Coleman/Franken Senate race. Check out the three pages of posts in which we have mentioned him.  Needless to say, the Somalis are always the victims when Jamal gets involved.

And, hey big media, do us all a favor and find out how he got out of his immigration fraud conviction.  We are dying to know!

And to readers who have told us there is no connection between Somali immigrants in the US and piracy, guess you are WRONG!   Amazing how Jamal so swiftly found the mommy and daddy of the pirate.

Get ready for the “….one man’s pirate is another man’s coast guard” defense.


 For new readers, the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

Refugees International Board Chairman criticized for links to Islamists

I am so behind in posting and likely would have forgotten this one if I hadn’t noticed that Ken Bacon, President of the refugee lobbying group*, Refugees International, was being google-searched yesterday which resulted in a large number of readers arriving here at RRW.

Ha! Ha! Ha!  I just learned why Ken Bacon was being googled yesterday, he was on Celebrity Apprentice—a poker player is raising big bucks for the lobbying organization—an organization that is busy promoting the importation of loads of questionable immigrants to the US.

Back to my post.   This is a story from Pipe Line News about ten days ago.  Authors Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer charge that Farooq Kathwari, CEO of Ethan Allen Furniture and Chairman of the Board of Refugees International, is affiliated with groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and is using Ethan Allen as his base of operations.  These are pretty serious charges which we cannot confirm, but we have previously expressed our concerns about whether Mr. Kathwari’s pro-Islamist agenda should be questioned in light of Refugees International’s position in promoting refugee resettlement to the US.

Ethan Allen shareholders might well take note that CEO Farooq Kathwari’s political project, the “Kashmir Study Group,” gives it’s email and physical address as the Ethan Allen company premises [source,] as well as the way he promotes an Islamist ideology, cynically manipulating the patriotic name and image of the Ethan Allen Furniture company as a way of legitimizing and financing the jihadist Kashmiri separatist effort.

Mr. Kathwari’s important role with refugee resettlement first came to our attention last May when he and Refugees International received an award from the Arab American Institute.

By the way, I never see Refugees International highlighting and putting out news releases about the plight of Christian Iraqis persecuted by Muslims, but they lead the charge in lobbying for us to take the Iraqi Palestinians that no Muslim country will take.   Why would that be?  Why would there be no condemnation of Muslim persecution of Christians, hum?  

RI:  I invite you to correct me if I’m wrong and send press releases etc. where you have emphasized the persecution of Christians or other religious groups by Muslims anywhere in the world.  Please put links in the comments.  Thanks!

 * Check out their finances here and note the bulk of their expenses are for lobbying (advocacy!) with a big recent effort to bring more Iraqi refugees to the US.   So, who exactly is funding this lobbying?  Go to RI’s donor list at the end of their 2007 Annual Report here.

CAIR orders Muslims: no more cooperation with FBI

When I reported on Somalis in Minneapolis balking at cooperating with the FBI, I didn’t realize this is probably connected to the policy of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) not to cooperate with the FBI.  The Los Angeles Times reports Some influential Muslim groups question FBI’s actions. The subhead reads:

Revelations that the agency has been surveilling popular leaders and infiltrating mosques and schools has many organizations turning away from their post-9/11 cooperation.
The piece begins:
As they sipped tea and nibbled on dates, more than 100 men and women listened to a litany of speakers sounding the same message: The FBI is not your friend.

“We’re here today to say our mosques are off limits,” Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Greater Los Angeles, told the crowd last month at an Anaheim mosque.

“Our Koran is off limits,” Ayloush said. “Our youth, who they try to radicalize, are off limits. Now is the time to tell them, ‘We’re not going to let this happen anymore.’ “

Such strong words from a man who once was a vocal advocate of ties with federal law enforcement was yet one more signal that the fragile relationship between Muslim American groups and the FBI is being tested.

….On Sunday, a coalition of the nation’s largest Muslim organizations, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Islamic Society of North America, issued a statement demanding that the Obama administration address FBI actions, including what they describe as the “infiltration of mosques,” the use of “agent provocateurs to trap unsuspecting Muslim youth” and the “deliberate vilification” of the council.

It appears from the article that the Muslims were cooperative until the FBI actually found terrorist activities among them, including in their mosques. So no more cooperation. And imagine, it surveilled “popular leaders.” I guess if a leader is popular he can’t be involved in terrorism. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter.
The Somalis must have gotten the word. They might be concerned about their missing youths, but not enough to cooperate with the FBI in finding out what’s going on.
Hat tip: Robert Spencer.

On ‘Culturist’ immigration law

Wow!  I had no idea that was a real word—culturist.  Mars, you didn’t coin it afterall!

I don’t know this publication but it popped up in one of my alerts this morning—Global Politician.  And, check this out,  this opinion piece is written by a Professor at NYU!  Amazing, how did he get through the multicultural-politically-correct filter at a major University?   John Press, whoever you are, I love you!

The Diversity Lottery must be stopped to combat multiculturalism and internationalism. This immigration mechanism provides visas to nations with low levels of immigration to the United States. This program’s multicultural logic ignores that we have a culture to protect and thereby flaunts our sovereignty. Somali immigration exemplifies the cultural and physical dangers of such a policy. It invite a foreign and hostile cultures onto our shores. We should, at very least, stop Somali immigration until their piracy of our ships stop. Such culturist immigration policies would remind us that we have a culture as well as a duty and right to protect it.

Multiculturalism is an unthinking philosophy. It blocks thought by asking us to celebrate all cultures. President Obama’s formulation says we must “respect” all cultures. This means that we have no judgment towards them. This limits the use of our reason. It means that considering values, in fact, becomes a thought crime as it might invoke choosing some and not others. Our immigration decisions should consider mores, language, and the cultural ability to honor our Founding Fathers and the principles for which they fought.

Professor Press must not know about the Refugee Resettlement Program because that is how most Somalis have gotten into the US, some fraudulently, but he can be forgiven because the program has been wrapped in secrecy for a reason.

Our asylum laws allow people into our nation based upon the concept of international rights. These ignore our sovereignty. But no international right to be in America exists. I have no international right to immigrate to China or be Chinese. Muslim nations restrict the inflow of non-Muslims.

Ban Somali immigration because of piracy, but the Professor probably doesn’t know about the Somali jihadist recruitment which strikes me as a larger concern, in addition to a reluctance to assimiliate.

We should ban all Somali immigration until the piracy stops. Then we should make a review of Somali culture, its compatibility with western culture and the progress towards assimilation of Somalis currently in the U.S.

I didn’t want to post the whole essay, but I couldn’t resist one more point.  Read it all.

Banning Somali immigration would codify culturism. That is, it would legally acknowledge and privilege our western cultural identity. Symbolically it would restore the values and cultural touchstones of honor we have sought to emulate and protect.

I’ll be making a regular visit to Global Politician from now on!