Somali reports on aggrieved Somalis and FBI

The University of Minnesota newspaper ran an article last week titled FBI continues questioning U students.  It begins:

The disappearances of young Somali men from Minneapolis, including two students from the University of Minnesota, have resulted in numerous students being questioned by the FBI, both on and off campus.

The federal agents have been visiting students in high schools, colleges and the University for information about the missing Somali men.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling on colleges to provide more legal help for students and also says students have been approached by the FBI while walking to class and in the library. Students have also received calls from investigators.

The piece goes on to focus on one student who was interviewed, who said federal agents are “terrorizing” her family, and the rights of students not to talk to law enforcement. It concludes:

 The FBI did not return a call for comment on this story.

Not too much context is provided, I thought as I read it. Kind of one-sided. And then I looked at the author’s name: Ibrahim Hirsi, a Somali name. Is that how it works? Reporters from an aggrieved group get to do the reporting on the grievances?

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