Minneapolis resident speaks up about pro-Somali press bias

I wish I had more time to properly analyze this Opinion piece by a resident of the Minneapolis area, Matt Drew.  Unfortunately, I am so frustrated this morning by not having enough time to post and respond to comments.   I have at least a half dozen posts that need to be written.    This issue, refugee resettlement, is growing so large that it would take a couple of full time people to stay on top of it.

Here are excerpts from Mr Drew’s letter to the Star Tribune.  He makes some excellent points that, by the way, help explain one aspect of the Tea Party movement.

Strictly adhering to the clichéd, politically correct paradigm of reporting news involving minorities or immigrants by almost always, no matter the circumstances, portraying them as victims, an April 9 front-page Star Tribune story explored the growing “mistrust” and “anxiety” within Minnesota’s Somali community.


But the FBI-induced anxiety felt by Somalis is likely nothing compared with the Somali-induced anxiety felt by Minnesota’s non-Somali majority, those who don’t get interviewed by sympathetic Star Tribune reporters because their answers might not fit the liberal template, but who have legitimate concerns that Minnesota has been negatively impacted by a Somali community that, often times, seems more focused on grievance than gratitude, on separation than assimilation.


For is it not fair, if not obligatory, for Minnesotans to ask questions and have concerns when, in a 15-year span, upwards of 100,000 Third World Somalis have been simply dropped on our doorstep, by the stork of a U.S. State Department that considered Minnesota, and, more importantly, its generous social services, a good fit for the refugees, especially when taxpayers are footing the bill?


Without question, Minnesota has been changed by the influx of Somali immigrants, and what needs to be asked is if that change is for the better. Is Minneapolis better off today than it was 15 years ago? Because the well-documented clash of cultures, the strain on our health care system, the costs of housing, feeding and educating Somalis, all told, lead to this conclusion: No.

Read the whole letter and consider whether diversity has strengthened this community.

Boat explosian kills Afghan asylum seekers in Australia

We told you a week ago that changes in Australian asylum policy (toward more leniency) are encouraging Afghan and Iraqi asylum seekers (probably others from the Middle East as well) to risk dangerous waters around Australia in an attempt to reach Australia by boat.   A controversy is now swirling around the most recent incursion which resulted in the explosion of one such trafficking vessel and the subsequent death of  three and possibly more Afghan aliens.

From the Australian today:

A NAVY officer has described the “horrific” scene where at least three people died after an explosion threw 47 suspected asylum seekers and two crew into northern Australian waters.

Lieutenant Commander Barry Learoyd said all 49 people aboard the asylum seekers’ boat had been thrown into the ocean.

“The scenes were pretty horrific,” he said.


The asylum seekers identified themselves as being from Afghanistan.