On ‘Culturist’ immigration law

Wow!  I had no idea that was a real word—culturist.  Mars, you didn’t coin it afterall!

I don’t know this publication but it popped up in one of my alerts this morning—Global Politician.  And, check this out,  this opinion piece is written by a Professor at NYU!  Amazing, how did he get through the multicultural-politically-correct filter at a major University?   John Press, whoever you are, I love you!

The Diversity Lottery must be stopped to combat multiculturalism and internationalism. This immigration mechanism provides visas to nations with low levels of immigration to the United States. This program’s multicultural logic ignores that we have a culture to protect and thereby flaunts our sovereignty. Somali immigration exemplifies the cultural and physical dangers of such a policy. It invite a foreign and hostile cultures onto our shores. We should, at very least, stop Somali immigration until their piracy of our ships stop. Such culturist immigration policies would remind us that we have a culture as well as a duty and right to protect it.

Multiculturalism is an unthinking philosophy. It blocks thought by asking us to celebrate all cultures. President Obama’s formulation says we must “respect” all cultures. This means that we have no judgment towards them. This limits the use of our reason. It means that considering values, in fact, becomes a thought crime as it might invoke choosing some and not others. Our immigration decisions should consider mores, language, and the cultural ability to honor our Founding Fathers and the principles for which they fought.

Professor Press must not know about the Refugee Resettlement Program because that is how most Somalis have gotten into the US, some fraudulently, but he can be forgiven because the program has been wrapped in secrecy for a reason.

Our asylum laws allow people into our nation based upon the concept of international rights. These ignore our sovereignty. But no international right to be in America exists. I have no international right to immigrate to China or be Chinese. Muslim nations restrict the inflow of non-Muslims.

Ban Somali immigration because of piracy, but the Professor probably doesn’t know about the Somali jihadist recruitment which strikes me as a larger concern, in addition to a reluctance to assimiliate.

We should ban all Somali immigration until the piracy stops. Then we should make a review of Somali culture, its compatibility with western culture and the progress towards assimilation of Somalis currently in the U.S.

I didn’t want to post the whole essay, but I couldn’t resist one more point.  Read it all.

Banning Somali immigration would codify culturism. That is, it would legally acknowledge and privilege our western cultural identity. Symbolically it would restore the values and cultural touchstones of honor we have sought to emulate and protect.

I’ll be making a regular visit to Global Politician from now on!

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