LOL! Omar Jamal to represent Somalia at the UN

For another laugh:  Jihad Watch tells us today that Omar Bin-Laden (Osama’s boy) wants to work at the UN too, here.   How cool (and fitting!) is that —Omar Jamal and Omar Bin-Laden together at the UN!

The guy I have been calling the Somali Jesse Jackson, the same guy who was convicted of immigration fraud but never deported, the same guy who dashed off to NYC to defend the Somali pirate, the Somali mouthpiece from Minneapolis who has been on both sides of the Somali missing youth case has now been chosen to represent Somalia at the United Nations—that is priceless!   Guess it goes to show that anyone can succeed in America!

Here is the whole story from AP:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A well-known advocate for Somalis in Minnesota has taken a new job with the Permanent Mission of the Somali Republic to the United Nations.

Omar Jamal, 36, is in New York City this week, getting credentials and getting to work.

Somalia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Elmi Ahmed Duale, says Jamal was appointed about a week ago to the position of first secretary. Duale says Jamal will represent Somali interests on various U.N. committees.

Jamal says Somalia is under siege by al-Shabab and he’ll make an “urgent appeal to save the country from al-Qaida.”

As many as 20 young men have left the Minneapolis area to possibly fight with the terror group in Somalia.

Jamal, who has led the Somali Justice Advocacy Center since 2001, says he’ll ask board members to appoint a new executive director.

What board members?  There is no organization but Jamal

Readers:  There are many more links to Omar Jamal at RRW, just use our search function and enjoy!

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