(Somali refugee) Boys in the Hood

This is pretty outrageous, check out the film that Youtube removed, here, at City Pages.   A bunch of Somali thug teens rough up bikers and little kids in Minneapolis.   Police are now investigating, and you gotta laugh, these brilliant fellows put their names prominently on the film.

The YouTube video of a group of punks roaming Twin Cities streets as they tackle pedestrians, knock down bike riders, shove little kids around and threaten bystanders — for kicks — is now being investigated by police after a public outcry.

And even though YouTube pulled the video, we have a copy of it (see below), thanks to some outraged members of the bike community archived it before YouTube made it unavailable.

The video was originally posted on the mabdi001 channel on YouTube. In it, a group of kids described by the clip’s author as Somalis each look into the camera as their names are superimposed on the screen. Before each attack, one of them looks into the lens and says, “watch this,” before attacking someone.

“There is great concern. You can’t watch the video and not feel a sense of outrage, that what you’re seeing in the video is actually occurring, and there’s no reason to believe it’s not,” St. Paul police spokesman Paul Schnell told MPR.

Just think, these are the children of some of the 80,000 Somali refugees the US State Department has resettled in the US in the last 25 years.  I guess they didn’t get the message about how nice we have been to them and how grateful they ought to be in return.   Some of their big brothers are likely among the others from the ‘hood’ who have gone back to Somalia to learn to be Jihadists, here.

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The revolving door and why there likely won’t be an investigation in Bowling Green

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This morning I had intended to work on a post I’ve been procrastinating on for the last ten days—a post on Targeted Assistance—when I came across something much more interesting.  I must admit those posts on the refugee program, although of critical importance to our stated mission of informing the public about how the refugee resettlement program works, can be pretty boring.   So, if I find something more interesting—like what crimes the Somalis are up to, or stories on refugee neglect—I procrastinate on those posts about bureacracy.   I will do the Targeted Assistance post later, but this is much more intriguing and is related to one of the most read stories we’ve had recently—the mess in Bowling Green, KY.

This is what I have learned—nearly 3 months late!   First, awhile back I reported that Lavinia Limon, now head honcho of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) had headed the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Dept. of Health and Human Services (the agency that passes out the bucks to the non-profits)—the revolving door between government and the supposed private sector in action!

Checking some recent Form 990’s for USCRI, I see in their most recent one on record, here, that USCRI got $22,136,689 from the federal government out of total ‘contributions’of $23,138,672. That makes them around 95% federally funded!   I thought these were supposed to be public-private partnerships!  Where is the private part?

In that same year they passed through $14,514,962 to their subcontractors (you will see the amounts at the end of that Form 990 I’ve linked).  One of those subcontractors is the Western Kentucky Refugee Mutual Assistance Assoc. (aka the Bowling Green International Center).  I told you in my first post on October 25th that I didn’t know why they needed two names.  But, then consider that USCRI itself has had at least 3 names!  What is up with that?

The revolving door continues….and why the questionable circumstances in Bowling Green will likely be swept under the rug!

This is what I’ve learned 3 months late, the former Vice President of USCRI is now head of the funding source for refugee programs—the Office of Refugee Resettlement.    Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, appointed USCRI VP Eskinder Negash to that post in August.  Eskinder Negash would have overseen the expenditure of federal tax money that passed through USCRI to its affiliate the Bowling Green International Center!

So what do you think the chances are that USCRI and the Bowling Green International Center will ever be investigated on the charges that the refugees are not being well-cared for?

A question for the US State Department:  Since you put out the Operational Guidance that agencies must follow when resettling refugees, who really runs this show?  The State Department or Health and Human Services?  I’m sure Mr. Negash is a very nice man, but can he really be objective in evaluating a program he ran prior to entering government service?

Oh, one more question, does anyone know why USCRI grants are not listed on USA Spending.gov?   If anyone finds it, please send it my way.   Ann@vigilantfreedom.com

Endnotes:  I searched RRW for Mr. Negash and see the only time we mentioned him was in relation to that horrible shooting in Binghamton, NY last spring, here.

Here he speaks to the staff and affiliates of ORR.

Also, I found it interesting that Ms. Limon and Mr. Negash both started their “refugee” careers at the International Institute of Los Angeles which is almost completely funded by taxpayers, here.

Under Ms. Limon’s and Mr. Negash’s management, USCRI was also overloaded (maxed out!) in Albany, here.  That is in addition to the Waterbury, CT mismanagement, here, but at least the State Department stepped in to rectify that problem.

A refugee of a different sort, fugitive from US justice

I just came across this story and although it is off topic from what we usually write about, I thought it might interest readers.   A man accused of killing his wife in Denver in 2002, escaped to Argentina where he has been granted “refugee” status claiming the US was persecuting him.    I sure hope fugitives from justice (murder suspects and so forth) in other countries are not showing up here and asking for asylum.

From the Denver Post:

A man wanted in Denver on suspicion of killing his wife in 2002 has become a celebrity in Argentina for his anti-U.S. conspiracy theories, making it increasingly unlikely that he will ever stand trial here for murder.

Kurt Sonnenfeld’s allegations of persecution by U.S. officials have earned him refugee status and the sympathy of a Nobel Peace Prize winner and have made him a popular news figure in Argentina, where he recently published a book called “El Perseguido,” or the hunted.

There is lots more, read on.  The twist is that this guy is a 9/11 truther.