Operational Guidance to Resettlement Agencies document available

Since there has evolved a big discussion at my most recent Comment Worth Noting about Bowling Green, KY refugee resettlement, a reader suggested I tell you about a US State Department document entitled, “Operational Guidance to Resettlement Agencies.”   The document most recently revised in 2006 lists the requirements that resettlement agencies must follow when resettling new refugees—it is specific right down to the silverware required!  And, by the way, it says NO BUGS in apartments.

If you would like a copy of the pdf file, e-mail me at Ann@vigilantfreedom.com   I don’t live at the computer so it might take a few hours before I see your e-mail, but I will get it right out to you as soon as I see your request!

This is an important document you should have if you have concerns about the quality of care refugees are receiving in your community.

Update!   Here is a link to the 2001 version of this document, the 2006 document isn’t much different.  If you do want the 2006 version as well, please let me know.

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