(Somali refugee) Boys in the Hood

This is pretty outrageous, check out the film that Youtube removed, here, at City Pages.   A bunch of Somali thug teens rough up bikers and little kids in Minneapolis.   Police are now investigating, and you gotta laugh, these brilliant fellows put their names prominently on the film.

The YouTube video of a group of punks roaming Twin Cities streets as they tackle pedestrians, knock down bike riders, shove little kids around and threaten bystanders — for kicks — is now being investigated by police after a public outcry.

And even though YouTube pulled the video, we have a copy of it (see below), thanks to some outraged members of the bike community archived it before YouTube made it unavailable.

The video was originally posted on the mabdi001 channel on YouTube. In it, a group of kids described by the clip’s author as Somalis each look into the camera as their names are superimposed on the screen. Before each attack, one of them looks into the lens and says, “watch this,” before attacking someone.

“There is great concern. You can’t watch the video and not feel a sense of outrage, that what you’re seeing in the video is actually occurring, and there’s no reason to believe it’s not,” St. Paul police spokesman Paul Schnell told MPR.

Just think, these are the children of some of the 80,000 Somali refugees the US State Department has resettled in the US in the last 25 years.  I guess they didn’t get the message about how nice we have been to them and how grateful they ought to be in return.   Some of their big brothers are likely among the others from the ‘hood’ who have gone back to Somalia to learn to be Jihadists, here.

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