Australians organizing to oppose refugee resettlement

Just now browsing around and reading news on refugees I came across a blog from the southeastern corner of Australia (not far from Melbourne).   This is the blog’s banner: 

PORT MACQUARIE PRESERVATIONISTS – resisting the refugee madness in the Hastings

 Port Macquarie Preservationists are a group of concerned Hastings citizens who seek to inform the Hastings community of the dangers of the area becoming an official, or even unofficial part of the federal government’s refugee relocation program. We cite four soild reasons for refusing the scheme: #1: The region’s housing crisis #2: The region’s medical crisis #3: The health threat posed by refugees and #4: Refugee crime and terrorism links as experienced in other areas of the country.

I thought this was interesting because these folks don’t seem to be intimidated into silence by the multiculturalists that surely must be part of the Australian elite.   Also, they aren’t shy about saying they are attempting to PRESERVE their way of life, and I found that refreshing.

Read some of the blog entries and see what I mean.

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