Fort Lauderdale demonstrators: Nuke Israel and Jews need ovens

I want to show you this YouTube video by Tom Trento to illustrate my previous post, American Muslims demonstrating and praying for Israel’s destruction.  Tom attended a demonstration in Fort Lauderdale by Muslims and leftists. “Nuke Israel” was one of the signs.  “F***” Israel” was one of the chants. A smaller groups of Israel’s supporters was standing with signs across the street. A woman shouted at them, “You need a big oven, that’s what you need.” Tom comments later that the demonstrators moved toward the other group and probably would have attacked them if the police hadn’t stopped them. The demonstration was very loud and very intense.

(I’ve got a parenthetical comment that is very politically incorrect — something that struck me. If you’ve ever heard an Arab imam chanting prayers, it usually sounds awful — grating and tuneless. In this video there’s an American black Muslim chanting. It sounds melodic and beautiful. He’d better be careful — Muslims aren’t supposed to listen to music.)

I have little doubt that if we bring in masses of Iraqi refugees, some of the Muslim among them will soon be taking part in this kind of demonstration. Isn’t that just what America needs — more loudmouths demonstrating for the death of Jews?

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