FBI: Relations with Somalis in US good; Omar Jamal says no they aren’t

I have to say, I am sick to death of the Somali missing “youth” story.  We are going on a year now since the issue burst (at least on the internet) on the national scene.  Now we know the missing “kids” are not so much missing but chose to leave the good life the refugee resettlement program gave them to join the Jihadists in Africa.  Here is the latest from Seattle where FBI Director Mueller held a press conference earlier this week.   There isn’t much new here, but I’m repeating it for new readers.*

From AP:

SEATTLE — The FBI is working to maintain good relations with Somalis in Seattle and across the country as it examines the role of U.S.-raised Somali men who have returned to their homeland to fight alongside terrorists, the agency’s director said Monday.

The FBI in recent years has investigated money-transfer services and the importation of a mild stimulant called khat, traditionally used by Somalis, leading to feelings of mistrust in the local Somali community toward the agency.

But those issues are outweighed by a strong desire to keep Somali children in the U.S. from becoming radicalized, FBI director Robert Mueller said at a news conference in Seattle.

“The phenomenon of individuals, young individuals, going to Somalia fighting for Al Shabab and perhaps being killed in the course of that fighting is a much more substantive issue that brings us together as opposed to divides us,” he said.

One bomber who took part in a twin suicide bombing at a peacekeepers base in Somalia last month was reportedly from Seattle, and up to 20 men from Minnesota are believed to have returned to Somalia to fight.

Three men – two from the Minneapolis area and one from Seattle – have pleaded guilty in federal court in Minneapolis to terror charges this year. At least three Minnesota men have died, including one whom authorities say carried out a suicide bombing.

Activists in the local Somali community agree that their relationship with the FBI is better than it has been, but some suspicion remains.

Some activists that is!   He’s is back again—Omar Jamal, that is.  I hadn’t seen the Somali mouthpiece mentioned for awhile and thought maybe he had returned to Somalia too with some of his old friends from Tennessee.  Not a chance, I guess.  Although he was convicted of immigration fraud in Memphis a few years back, he is still among us with his pipeline to any reporter who will listen.

In the Minneapolis area, Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, said he strongly disagreed with Mueller’s characterization that good relations exist. He said Monday that ongoing surveillance and investigations made Somalis in the area, including himself, fearful.

Oh right, earlier this summer he was working with the families who lost their “kids” and trying to help the FBI find the recruiters in Minneapolis, what happened with that?  The mosque put a little pressure on him, or maybe CAIR?  Readers, the Somali Advocacy Justice Center is just him!  He gets himself involved in anything and everything including the 2008 Somali supposed cyanide suicide in Denver, this missing “youths” story, and he even dashed off to New York when the Somali pirate went to court.  Sorry, I am too lazy to put all the links in here, just use our search function for Omar Jamal and you will see what I mean.

* For new readers:

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

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